Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 162

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Poetry relies on art as much as (or maybe even more than) craft to communicate. Sometimes, we need to look at the ugly sides of human nature to find the beauty in ourselves. Such is the case with a blog post written by poet Nin Andrews on the MNINB blog this morning: You Look Like Your Mama Mated With a Rhino.

For this week's prompt, write a poem that deals with cruelty. It can deal with bullying, name-calling, or other types of abuse. There are a million ways to be cruel, and the best way to combat cruelty is to tackle it directly.

Here's my attempt:

"million ways to be cruel"

the door that snapped shut behind me, the hand
i didn't hold when it mattered most, hugs
that didn't wrap themselves around people
who needed them, e-mail messages that
never received a response, too many
jokes not aimed at myself, the sarcastic
remarks of someone trying to deflect
the spotlight off himself, the blame shifting,
the words i wanted to say but did not.


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