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After getting bombarded with some unexpected projects at the end of 2011, I'm finally starting to catch up with 2012. It's a pretty nice year so far, and I hope to start getting more Poetic Asides posts up through the rest of this month. As some of you may have noticed, I've ramped up my efforts on my personal My Name Is Not Bob blog, and one of our former interviewed poets (Collin Kelley) shared a life changing moment story today (click here to read).

For this week's prompt, please write a life changing moment poem. The poem could be about an actual moment that changed your life (or someone you know), or it could be an imagined moment. It could even be a moment you wish would happen--and change your life.

Here's my attempt:

"Under my thumb"

For more than two hundred miles, we drove
through heavy late-December rains hoping
to make good time to my grandmother's house
before the tires lost touch of the road
and sent us spinning into a guardrail
not once or twice but three full times until
there we were blocking the slow lane facing
a ditch that dropped an easy thirty feet.
I often wonder what would have happened
had we spun out before or after it
caught us--or if we'd been in slightly more
congested traffic. I remember that
everyone was asleep but me, and
I was listening to the Rolling Stones,
my own singing, and the relentless rain.


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