Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 160

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I hope everyone has had a great start to 2012! I've been catching up on work-related stuff after nearly 2 weeks out of the office. Plus, I have started up two new series on my other blog, My Name Is Not Bob, called Blissfully (a year-long series of personal stories from me to you) and Life Changing Moments (a collection of guest posts about specific moments that have changed people's lives). One thing that's changed my life is e-mail; it's like an unstoppable force that keeps piling on, and I'm continually digging out of the e-mail hole.

For this week's prompt, write a poem about an unstoppable force. Maybe the force is e-mail--or the Internet. Some think the power of love is an unstoppable force, but poetry could work too. Or maybe you know someone (even yourself) who is an unstoppable force. I hope the poeming is unstoppable this week!

Here's my attempt:

"So we meet again"

Every year, it's the same war:
the ants march in from the rain and winter
setting up lines along the walls
to some nearly invisible crum the vacuum
did not pull from the apartment carpet.

We'll remove the evidence,
stop the current advance, and wait
for the next battle. Whether for food
or water, we will meet again:
I've given up hoping that we'll ever quit.


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