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Over the weekend, I was in Webster, Texas, as part of the Houston Poetry Fest's "Out of Bounds" reading. Our own Laurie Kolp made it out to the reading, and I met a few other "silent" readers of Poetic Asides, including Laura Pena. Click here to read about my experience (and see a few pics).


For this week's prompt, write an October poem. I'll let you figure out what writing an October poem means for you, but for me, I start thinking of pumpkins, swirling leaves, and football. And I think of ghosts, witches, and werewolves. Oh yeah, there's also the shortening of days, cooler evenings, and candy. Plus...well, I guess I should just get to poeming.

"October in Duluth, Georgia"

isn't quite the same as October in Duluth, Minnesota,
but the trees still start shedding their leaves
which catch fire in red, yellow, and orange flames
before burning into brown, crunchy cinders.
The sky is still blue--like really blue--and empty
waiting for winter's grayness to fill the space
left by the sun, which has gone fishing somewhere
in South America. You can see the birds follow,
but we'll stay and tough it out, because there's
a certain comfort in watching an old friend leave
and having faith that life will go on and that someday
everyone and everything has no choice but to be reunited.


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