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Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 151

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For this week's prompt, pick a creature that lives primarily in water and incorporate it into your poem. Could be a fish. Could be a whale. Could be a crab. Could be the Loch Ness Monster. The poem doesn't have to be about the create, but it should be worked in one way or another.

Here's my attempt:


Will says he's a shark with big teeth.
Then, he bites at the air around him.
Will says he's a scary tiger and growls
before turning into a wolf that howls
and around our kitchen he prowls.
Will says he's a dinosaur and roars:
"T. Rex, roar!" "Triceratops, roar!"
"Stegosaurus!" Then, suddenly bored,
Will picks up a car and drives it
out of the kitchen and into the sunset.


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