Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 147

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For this week's prompt, write an out of this world poem. This poem might be about aliens and space exploration, of course, but it could also be a tall tale or unbelievable story. I guess it could also just be a mind-blowing poem (think "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" or "Coney Island of the Mind")--you know, a poem that makes someone say, "That's out of this world!"

Here's my attempt:

"The Quilt-Maker"

She works alone and listens for train whistles.
The soft clacks echoing across open fields
remind her of work to finish. This pattern
is a gray wolf transforming into a fox
that becomes a wolf and so on until she
reaches the border. Maybe then she'll confess
she never belonged in this world of patches
and thread. On these evenings when lights flash past
windows and widows weep deep into the moon,
she draws her shawl around shoulders and shudders,
because he's out there somewhere leaving his tracks.


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