Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 146

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For this week's prompt, write an "everything is against you" poem. That is, write a poem in which everything seems to be conspiring against you. Work, family, the government, the ice cream man, the local grocer, etc. And the you in your poem doesn't have to be the narrator, it could be another person, animal or object.

Here's my attempt:

"Staring too long at the sun"

A young couple enters a movie theater
well before the main feature. The young woman picks
her seat and says, "I expected a little more
darkness in here." To which her companion then says,
"It's never night on the sun; there's constant burning."
She smiles and says, "Can't you ever get your mind
off romance." As they lean in close enough to bring
their lips inches apart, a loud sneeze from behind
startles them. "Bless you," says the man to the woman,
"I'll get popcorn." "Hurry," she says, "extra butter."
He rushes to wait in line, counts the minute hand's
slow march around the clock and, when his turn, mutters
his order before scrambling to the now dark
theater searching soft for his companion's spark. 


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