Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 143

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For this week's prompt, write a normal poem. I know some of you may be thinking that every poem is normal or that there's no such thing as a normal poem. However, what I'm thinking about is a situation that may seem normal (even if only to the narrator of the poem or a character in the poem) or the longing to return to the normal way of doing something. There are a lot of interesting ways to attack something normal. I'm looking forward to what everyone creates.

Here's my attempt:

"and this time, and this time"

and this time you pick up the ringing phone,
and this time you answer it, and this time
you speak quickly and quietly before
hanging up, and this time you call a cab,
and this time you don't even pack a bag
before waiting beside the curb, and this
time you go to the airport, and this time
you buy a ticket, and this time you board
the plane, and this time you read an inflight
magazine about the city where you'll
land, and this time he's waiting with open
arms, and this time you won't have to return.


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