Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 136

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Tomorrow is D-Day. That is, Due Day for Tammy and I and our first daughter, Hannah Marie. We're super excited (and, yes, a little stressed). If everything goes as it should, I'll be posting images on Facebook and my blog. So keep an eye out.


For this week's prompt, write a welcoming poem. You could be welcoming a stranger, a friend, an enemy, a season, a new way of life, etc. Of course, I'm going to use this prompt to write my first poem (of many) for Hannah Marie.

Here's my attempt:

"for hannah"

these mornings
meteorologists give air quality alerts
and radio commentators
mention the beauty
of a full moon
with smog
filtering the light

i wish i could tell you the world
will be perfect
when you arrive like the moon
on time
but there is a beauty
in our imperfections
and the way
we try to look at things

light shines and reflects
bodies spin
and then
we have faith


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