Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 131

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For this week's prompt, write a "when you're not paying attention" poem. The "you" could be the speaker in the poem, the reader of the poem, or even a character in the poem. All manner of good and bad things can happen when we're not paying attention. Let's see what we discover.

Here's my attempt:

"The Lions Will Be Waiting"

He hides behind a bush, but those girls
are patient and have him figured out,
know he doesn't want to deliver
the message--only wants to write it.
Those bees buzz through the garden without
wondering why he crouches, what he
fears, and the birds search for somewhere else
to land. He hides and looks between leaves
and hopes for a distraction. Those girls
are patient, and he is patient too.
Meanwhile, the snakes sneak up on them all.


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