Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 127

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I hope you're ready for the 2011 April PAD Challenge that begins in two weeks! Click here for more details.


For this week's prompt, I want you to respond to a poem that's already been written. It could be one of Shakespeare's sonnets or a more contemporary poem by someone like Mary Oliver or Robert Bly. Heck, you could even respond to other poems on this thread.

If you need some help finding a poem, respond to one of these:

Here's my attempt (responding to Patricia Fargnoli's "The Undeniable Pressure of Existence"):

"Fox trotting along the road"

Watch, if you must, the way I run and keep running
past one point and another without stopping
even as it looks like I must quit at any moment,
that the world and its gravity will finally pull me down
to the earth to rest, but I won't let anything stop me
until that moment rushes in on me without warning,
just lights and metal, maybe the shrieking skid of tires
from the slow reaction of someone like myself running
on empty toward anything that gets in my way.


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