Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 126

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For today's prompt, write a "turn around" poem. The poem could be about someone or something physically turning around. Or it could be about a movement that's turning around. Or a feeling that's shifting back the other way. Or any number of other creative interpretations. Your "turn around" poem can record the actual "turn around," or it can be forecast or relay the effects of the "turn around."

(Note: I can see the potential for this prompt "turning around" from a poetic exercise to a political argument. Please play and poem nice with this prompt.)

Here's my attempt:

"After she turned around and walked back to me"

The petals of flowers regained their vibrant colors.
The bees remembered their sense of urgency.
Birds quit screaming and returned to their songs.
Cars driving on the street were a little more fuel efficient.
In the deepest reaches of space, whole solar systems
exploded into existence. And dogs befriended cats.
Children respected their mothers and fathers.
Even the rain stopped and waited for us both
to re-enter our home together and whatever came next.


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Use the best poetry reference around
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