Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 118

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We're on Day 3 of the Great Snow Event of 2011 here in the Atlanta area. Snow started to fall on Sunday evening, and there's the possibility that schools will remain closed all week. It wasn't a lot of snow, but the road crews just aren't prepared for snow down here like they are in the north. Anyway, my family has been kind of trapped this week, so...

For this week's prompt, write a trapped poem. Your poem could cover being physically, socially, psychologically or emotionally trapped. There are many ways to be (or at least feel) trapped. Free your trapped poem today!

Here is my attempt:

"We walk the planet earth"

Like small flowers we rise and greet the sun
though we've lost our ability to run.

Instead, we gather ourselves like flowers
and put ourselves in vases for hours.

Like flowers, most people are too busy
to smell us--too busy-busy-busy.

We walk the planet earth with our colors
like flowers that bend when the wind hollers.


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