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What a numerical day! 10-20-20-10. Of course, the numerical splendor only lasts a day, because the date is always changing. Also, this time of year is filled with several other changes. The temperatures are changing; birds are migrating; crops are being harvested (or perhaps planted in the Southern Hemisphere); and so on. Things are always changing!

For today's prompt, write a changes poem. Your poem could deal with seasonal changes, developmental changes, or even changes in plans. There are many possible change-related poems out there. For a change of pace (and an added challenge), you could even try writing your poem in an unfamiliar form.

Here's my attempt:

"October Rising"

First, there's a bite
or a scratch, perhaps
late at night, usually
while walking home
on an unfamiliar path
after visiting a friend
or person you'd like
to be more than friends.

The bite--or scratch--
happens fast. You are
attacked by a large dog
or wolf. In fact, you're
unsure what attacks,
even though the moon
is bright and full on
that particular evening.

In the end, you are
just happy to be alive--
or so you think. Then,
you notice things:
improved smell and
hearing, extra hair
where it doesn't belong,
an increased appetite.

At first, you just
chalk it up to aging
and/or hormones. But
then, you find yourself
naked in the woods,
mouth covered in blood.
Your neighbor's dog
barks at you incessantly.

Then, there is another
full moon, and you know,
you really do. As those
shivers run up your spine
and you feel your body
stretch painfully, you
finally know what you're
going to be for Halloween.


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