Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 107

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For this week's prompt, write a cycle poem. I think my initial thought on this prompt was to write a poem that involves a cyclical process, such as a life cycle, election cycle, etc., but I suppose there are other interpretations out there too. Poems could be written on the re-cycle process or riding a bi-cycle or uni-cycle. I hope you have fun with the cyclical process of writing and revising this week!

Here's my attempt:

"Going for cycle"

First, a triple followed by a double
in the third inning. Held to a single
when he reached in the fifth, we hold our breath
as he steps into the box in the eighth. He
likely won't get another chance to do
this again. Two balls before taking strike
one. Foul. Ball outside making a full count,
and everyone knows the payoff pitch
is on the way. The pitcher winds and deals.
The bat connects and sends the ball over
the wall. The batter runs the circuit home.


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