Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 101

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For this week's prompt, I want you to use the phrase "As I was saying" as a springboard into your poem. You can use it as the title of your poem or within your poem, but neither is mandatory. You could use it as motivation to write a poem about someone who's telling a story, or you could even write a poem in which the narrator cuts off the person who says, "As I was saying." Have fun with it.

Here's my attempt:

"As I was saying"

I'm not sure what to do when I see bees
suffering on the sidewalk. Should I step
on them, or let nature do its thing? These
are the things we're not taught in school. No pep
talks on the etiquette of life and death,
it's much easier to focus on x
plus y equals z. My own fragile breath
bends out of my body to what is next:
This bee buzzing on the sidewalk, it waits
for me to solve the equation: pain or
death? I suppose it takes a leap of faith
to arrive with all the correct answers.
Even then there is a buzzing ignored,
a rearranging of the integers.


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