Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 100

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Sorry for the late prompt time today. I've been busy cooking up my first ever batch of Brunswick Stew, which means that Baby Will and I were shopping for ingredients at the Kroger this morning. Last night, the Brew Crew was "Back to School" shopping--looking for clothes, scissors, glue sticks, paper, crayons, etc. And recently, Tammy and I have been driving through Georgia neighborhoods shopping for houses. Why am I telling you this?

Maybe because today's prompt is to write a shopping poem. Your poem could be about clothes shopping, grocery shopping, car shopping, shopping poems to literary magazines, shopping for a partner, or whatever. There's so much shopping to do!

Here's my attempt:

"Brunswick Stew"

Whatever doesn't kill you can probably be canned
and sold at the market. A jar of green beans and a bag
of hot boiled peanuts. Maybe some fresh peaches for pie;
vidalia onions for cooking. Every recipe for Brunswick stew
is different from the next. As a person who enjoys measuring
things, this annoys me to no end. But Tammy smiles and reminds
me that it's those differences that allow us to personalize our dishes.


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