Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 089

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For this week's prompt, write a lightbulb poem. By lightbulb, I mean the kind of lightbulb that pops over a cartoon character's head when it has a "Eureka!" moment. So a poem with some sort of epiphany. And yes, it's fine to write a poem about an actual lightbulb too if you've always wanted to wax poetic about an incandescent lamp.

Here's my attempt:

"Our health"

Every morning, we rise and
shine slow wondering where our sleep
has gone, wondering how we'll reach
our two destinations on time.

Every morning, we rush and
worry; every morning, we
rub our eyes and wonder how; but
every morning, we make it.

This morning, I drum the steering
wheel and beg the light to change green
just as a cat pounces a bird
reminding me what's important.


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