Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 021

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On Monday, I'm going to be making the "big move" down to Atlanta to live with my wife and stepson. Luckily, F+W has been really supportive of allowing me to telecommute from my new home office. Still, it is a big move and will create a huge change in my typical routine.

For today's prompt, I want you to write a poem about a big change in your routine. Everyone experiences them. For instance, big changes could be getting a job, having a child, surviving a traumatic event, first day of school, making a friend, etc. If you want, you could even write about a series of big changes that are kicked off by a small change.

Here's my attempt for the day:


I've always thought about you, the way you
greet people with an "O" and "o," as if
you're at first impressed and then deflated.

I know the feeling. We all do with our
buckeye necklaces and assembly line
hangovers, our empty factories where
our mothers and fathers used to march, signs
clenched in their hands, firm lines across their mouths.

If it seems that I am leaving you, please
don't think I'll use an "o" to explain you
to others. For me, you're always an "O."