Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 018

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I don't know. Maybe it's the diet I've recently put myself on. Maybe it's the approach of autumn festivals and the thought of funnel cakes and soft pretzels. Or maybe it's just the poets I've been reading. Regardless, it feels as if I've been reading a lot of poems recently dealing with food-food-food (yummy, yummy food!).

So with that kind of introduction, it should come as little surprise that this week's prompt is to write a poem that involves food in some way. You can make food the main protagonist or give food a cameo. Perhaps, you could even make food the antagonist. Hmm...

Anyway, here's my attempt for the day:

"Food Sestina"

Though I like apples, I love pears
and have always fancied peaches,
especially with cottage cheese.
In the summer, I crave bell peppers
mixed with some light pasta--
maybe a glass of apple juice,

though I'd also drink the juice
left in my bowl of sliced pears,
because what better with pasta?
Mmm... and for dessert, some hot peach
cobbler, though not like the hot peppers
at the spice shop; those require cheese

to cool the mouth. But maybe cheese
would go well with grape juice,
yes, and some jalapeno peppers--
juicy in their own way. After, a pair
of freshly picked peaches
would hit the spot. Not pasta,

or maybe yes to pasta
after all. Some ricotta cheese
on the sauce. On the side, peaches
halved and a bit of cranberry juice.
Of course, my favored pears
and some sweet, sweet peppers.

But then I start thinking, pepperoni
pizza? Hmm... the thought of pasta
sauce slapped on dough, then pare
back an abundance of melty cheese
along with some of that blue juice
drink I had as a kid--or even peach-

flavored pop. That would be peachy.
But if I want to salt and pepper
my food, I should not think such juicy
thoughts. Instead, I should forget pasta,
and focus on some breaded cheese
sticks. Then, and only then, can I spare

myself the pears and peaches.
I will be all cheesed and peppered,
ready to juice my pasta.