Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 017

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For today's poetry prompt, let's write a poem about finding something. You can find an old award, photograph, or sense of humor. You can make it something funny, sad, or angry. In the process of finding something, I hope we all find ourselves with another poem.

Here's my attempt for the day:


He discovered them half-covered by a bush
as he walked his dog in the morning. They were

lined with blue and looked brand new. But
no owner in sight. No sign of why they might

end up beneath a bush. His dog immediately
tried peeing on them, but he said, "No, Kilgore,"

and picked them up. Attached to the rubbery
strap was a note that read, "The man who picks

up these goggles will today meet the woman
of his dreams." "These goggles are not meant

for me, Kilgore," he said, "I'm not meeting any
one today." But he still carried the goggles back

to his apartment and laid them on his kitchen
countertop. Then, he got to work by writing

copy for his garden gnome stock photography
business. As he waited for a mail merge to finish,

he heard a knock on his door. Thinking it may
actually be the woman of his dreams, he grabbed

the goggles and opened the door. In fell a woman
who he'd dreamed about multiple times, a woman

he had never actually met until now. She was
struggling to breathe. "I looked for you at the bush,

but you weren't there," she said. "But I had work,"
he said, "I had spreadsheets and mail merges

to complete." "I don't want your excuses," she
said, "I want you to save me." So he did what

was needed. He put on the goggles, held her
close to him, and swam them both to safety.