Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 014

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My activity on the blog may (or may not) be limited between today's and next week's prompt, because I'm getting married to poet Tammy F. Trendle this weekend. So today's prompt is obviously steered by that event.

For this week, I want you to write a poem about marriage. It can be about your marriage, someone else's marriage, or about the institution of marriage in general. It can be pro-marriage; it can be anti-marriage; it can be wishy washy on the topic of marriage.

Personal aside: Before marrying my first wife, I wrote a short story about a man standing at the altar and waiting for his beloved--all the while wondering if this were the right thing to do AND wondering if he should bolt for Mexico. The short story placed in a graduating senior competition and won me some money at the University of Cincinnati; but it was also a reflection of my own hopeful uncertainty. This time, however, there is no uncertainty--no doubts--nothing but excitement for the future.

So with that said, here's my attempt for the day:

"Between here and Georgia"

-For Tammy

We both found The Monster at the End of This Book
entertaining; we both danced with our respective

parents at our first weddings to "In My Life," by
the Beatles; there are places I remember us

first messaging, talking, and meeting; Atlanta
on a billboard whispered, "Dayton, Ohio," and

you followed your instincts, declared your intentions
upon arrival, and I've been chanting, "I do,"

unafraid of the monsters lurking near the end
of our book--still believing in happy endings.