Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 003

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Today's prompt is to write a family connection poem--emphasizing the relationship between two or more family members. This can be between you and your parent(s), you and your children, you and your adopted third cousin, twice removed (whatever that means). Preferably, this is a poem between you and another family member or members; but if you must write about the relationship between your two cousins, then you gotta do whatcha gotta do.

Here's my poem for the day (a typical conversation between me and my two boys):

"Jonah asks if there are only peach-skin and brown-skin people"

So I say, "Well, there is peach and brown, of course,
but also yellow, pink, white and black." "Is there blue,"
he asks. "No," says Ben, "that's only when people are
choking. Or dying. Or dead." "Is there orange," asks
Jonah. "Yes," I say, thinking of tanning booth debutantes.
"There is also copper and red. When some people get mad
they turn red--and some people get so mad they're always
red-faced. Or they have sunburn." "Yep," says Ben. "But
really colors shouldn't matter, because people are people,"
I explain, "and everyone is different."

Jonah stares out
the car window as we pass another cornfield, his young
mind trying to process the entire universe at once.

"Daddy, can the Flash run through walls?"


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