Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 001

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My baby brother is (finally) going to graduate with a degree in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma after nine years of study. You see, his big problem is that he's even more interested in experiencing weather than he is in studying about it. So, he's missed studying for tests and finishing projects because he's out chasing tornadoes; he missed finals one year because he was stuck on the third floor of a police station in Slidell, Louisiana--surrounded by flood waters. (Not sure why you would, but IF you want to learn more about my brother Simon, check out his Web site at

Anyway, why am I mentioning my brother who is obsessed with weather? Because today's prompt is to write a poem that is either about the weather or incorporates the weather into the poem. Whether you make it about a crazy storm or a cloudless summer day, you gotta give the weather report.

Here's my attempt:

"The Weather Report"

Expect a high of 75
and a low around 60.
In the afternoon, light
showers may develop,
followed by abundant
sunshine. In the early
evening, prepare for
heavy kissing and
a full moon.