WD Poetic Form Challenge: Ghazal

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Okay, everyone, it's time for our second WD Poetic Form Challenge. This time around, I'm seeking a ghazal (click here to learn more about this form). As with the previous challenge, the winning poet will be featured in the Poetic Asides column in a future issue of Writer's Digest, including at least an excerpt of the poem (depending on space concerns).

The ghazal is a form that "probably originated in Arabia in the seventh century" (from The Poetry Dictionary, by John Drury). This poem is basically comprised of couplets and a short refrain at the end of the second line. But if you're not already familiar with the form, I suggest you check out the link above.

Click here to read the general rules for the WD Poetic Form Challenge.

The deadline for this ghazal challenge is June 9, 2010. So y'all have four weeks to come up with some great poems. 


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