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Friday SPAM poetry prompt #720

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SPAM prompt line: Are you still with short ramrod?

(Sorry for the late prompt post--it was a distracting day.)

That squirt Ramrod. What a character! Everyone in your class got a kick out of Ramrod, he wasn't like anyone else. What a shock when he got together with HER. Did they marry? Did it last? What did their kids look like?

Look into your past and see if you can identify a "Ramrod" kind of guy: rather unattractive yet appealing, always kept things lively, maybe foreshadowed a loser taint that would pull him down over the years. And then somehow he made a romantic match with an unlikely partner--amazing everyone and generating buzz that never completely died down.

Write a poem, any style, any form, about a Ramrod-esque person you knew, or knew of. Don't write an epic. Portray "Ramrod" as deftly as you can while exploring the ironies and mysteries of true love.


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