Friday SPAM poetry prompt #1116

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SPAM prompt line: I suspect she is far away from here by now.

We're heading into Thanksgiving week, when lots of people will be traveling. I thought of that when I saw this SPAM line, which has a wistful sense of missing someone.

Think back to a time of departure, when someone was traveling out of your life, either temporarily or for good. The someone doesn't have to be female, and it doesn't have to be at Thanksgiving or any other holiday. The point is to evoke and explore that sense of distance.

And just because I read "wistful" into "I suspect she is far away from here by now" doesn't mean you have to. Maybe she's far away from her by now--with your wallet. Or he's far away from here by now, and you're feeling the heady rush of freedom as you begin to reclaim your life. Distance is the only constant. Whether that distance is liberating, devastating, or makes your heart grow fonder is up to you.

You can work the SPAM line into your poem or not; that's your choice. Length, form, and style are open.

By the way, there won't be a Friday SPAM poetry prompt #1123 next week because of the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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