Friday SPAM poetry prompt #1102

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SPAM prompt line: Most popular online drugstore

I'm taking "online" here to be synonymous with "virtual"; i.e., this isn't just a website that sells drugs, but an actual online drugstore. And you get to create it.

First, imagine your ideal drugstore, or the one you go/went to most often. If you're old enough to remember non-chain drugstores, you can draw on that memory. What's in this drugstore? How is it set up visually? What are the details (i.e., how the merchandise is organized and presented, the other items the druggist sells, the checkout counter, the signs and other sales aids). Are there people in your drugstore? Who are they? What do they do and what do they represent in your virtual store? Are they part of the operation and presentation of the site (for instance, a druggist who "talks" to you about your order)? Or are the others real-world customers shopping in real time, like you. Do you get to communicate with each other?

Why is your drugstore most popular?

Your drugstore can be part of a computer game or a website that functions exactly the way a brick-and-mortar drugstore functions. Write a poem, any length, any form, that creates and explains this "most popular online drugstore."

Happy writing!


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