Friday SPAM poetry prompt #1026

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supernatural watchdog

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SPAM prompt line(s): With my sarcophagus.

It's as hot as Halloween out there.

With Halloween coming up in a hurry, I'm in a trick-or-treat mood. So I've chosen three SPAM lines that I tucked away because they seemed perfect for late October. Whether they're tricks or treats depends on you and what kind of success you have with them.

One approach is to pick a single line and use it in your poem. The "sarcophagus" example has a real Sylvia Plath echo. The second example could be something out of Poe.

I have to admit, I don't know what that third line is supposed to mean. It turned up in the SPAM filter back in August during one of our 100 degree heat waves. I don't think of Halloween being "hot," literally or figuratively, but that's just me. Maybe I went to the wrong kinds of Halloween parties.

So, pick one line for your prompt; or go all out and use all three lines in one poem. Form and style are up to you; but one of the forms with repeating lines could be fun to try. Or tap your inner Shel Silverstein and go for something humorous.

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Hope you're "haunted" by some eerie inspiration!


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