Friday SPAM poetry prompt #1022

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SPAM prompt line: finally a little justice

There just doesn't seem to be a whole lot of justice in the world right now. Sure, things have never been totally fair, but it used to be that a good instance of justice being served helped balance everything out and restore a person's faith. Now the bad guys, whoever you perceive them to be, constantly seem to get away with murder (or any of a whole laundry list of crimes).

Is poetic justice easier to come by--perhaps, especially, in your own life? (See this site for a thorough review of what "poetic justice" means; I especially like the Simpsons example.) Was there "finally a little [poetic] justice" when virtue was rewarded and vice punished, and you still think about it because it was just so good? Maybe you even helped that justice to triumph. It doesn't have to be a major event; it could just be a small moment ripe with reckoning (that Simpsons example again).

On the other hand, were you ever the recipient of a little poetic justice yourself? What happened? Would you like to talk about it? Can you talk about it?

Write your poem in any form; can be serious or humorous (remember, irony is important). Set the bar a little higher and write a sonnet (or any other form that seems to suit your specific situation).

Happy writing!


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