FINAL Friday SPAM poetry prompt (#1130)

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SPAM prompt line: proverbial fruit cake

Just wanted you all to know that this will be the last SPAM poetry prompt (for a couple of reasons I'll explain later on). I hope you've enjoyed trying them as much as I've enjoyed creating them.

I saved this prompt line especially for the holiday season. I've been intrigued by this line ever since I first saw it last summer. How exactly is a fruitcake "proverbial"? If it referred to the "proverbial unpopular fruitcake" or the "proverbial awful fruitcake," maybe it would make more sense. Not that I could agree; I love fruitcake (when it's good--with quality fruits and nuts and preferably soaked in strong spirits).

I thought of various cakes in Ireland and the UK in which items are baked: charms, coins, etc. Could this fruitcake have little rolled up proverbs baked inside? What would these proverbs say? Imagine such a proverb, what it tells you, how it changes your outlook on your life--and maybe fruitcakes.

Or could "fruitcake" here be politically incorrect slang for a certain type of person? Are these people among your family and friends? Discuss. (I'd say my family is stocked with such fruitcakes, but they'd simply yell, "Hey, pot--meet kettle!")

If none of this excites your creative juices, write about how much you hate--or love--fruitcake. If you knew a fruitcake baker (or are one yourself), use that as your inspiration. If you can work "proverbial" into it somehow, extra points for you!

Enjoy--and have a wonderful holiday season.


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