2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 9

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First off, click here to go to the Day 9 thread in the forum if the blog comments are too crazy for you.

Today's prompt comes from Sally Jadlow.

Here's Sally's prompt: Use the phrase "When he's gone..." for your poem. The phrase can be in the title. It can be the opening line--or the closing line. It can show up somewhere in between. Just use it...somewhere.

Robert's attempt at a When He's Gone... Poem:

"Man in Rocking Chair"

When he's gone, he don't want nobody
to visit him who didn't visit him
when he was here. In other words,
he don't want a funeral service
for people to wail and moan and
check their watches. He sits alone
most nights, because he's bitter
about everything. Suits him fine
enough. When he's gone, he thinks,
there won't be no one to miss him.


Thank you to Sally for the prompt! Click here to learn more about Sally Jadlow.

Also, most poets prefer to share comments directly to this post. However, if you're having crazy issues, feel free to use the WD forum. Click here for the Day 9 thread.


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