2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 29

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Today's prompt comes from Bonita Jones Knott, a poet I met earlier this year in Colorado at a writing retreat.

Here's Bonita's prompt: Write a birth poem. Write a poem on the experience of giving birth or witnessing birth, or feeling reborn in anyway.

Robert's attempt at a Birth Poem:

"Good morning"

Every morning, I find myself next to you
or thinking of how I want to find myself

next to you. Every morning, like a blessing,
I'm reborn into my love for you, knowing

there's no one I'd rather find myself next
to in the morning and no one I'd rather

want to find myself next to in the morning.
Every morning, like magic, like hocus

pocus, I want to be the rabbit in your
magician's hat, the one you grab by

the ears to hold in front of the audience,
or, like a science experiment, I want

to be your hypothesis, the one you
constantly test to draw your conclusion.


Thank you, Bonita, for giving birth to this prompt! Click here to learn more about Bonita.

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