2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 23

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Today's prompt is from Amanda Fall.

Here's Amanda's prompt: Write a deep poem. The deep end of the pool. Six feet deep. Archaeology. Whatever you write, just dig deep.

Robert's attempt at a Deep Poem:

"Off the deep end"

Black Friday begins on Thursday evening,
and I'm running short on spare change. My buddy
says the deals can't be beat, so I ask if anyone's tried,
and he just rolls his eyes over the river and through
the wood to grandfather's house, empty because
grandma has him out hunting for bargain basement
tablets and flat screen televisions. It's no longer
turkey season. We've run out of gravy for the mashed
potatoes. I don't know which carol to sing first,
and then it hits me like a bell ringing in the night:
it's the perfect time to cut down an evergreen.


Thank you, Amanda, for the deep prompt! Click here to learn more about Amanda.

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