2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 16

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In case you missed it yesterday, click here to check an interview with me on the Poetic Bloomings site.

Today's prompt comes from Joseph Mills.

Here's Joseph's prompt: Use the last line of yesterday's poem for the first line of today's poem.

Robert's attempt at a Last Line First Poem:

"And we can"

And we can dash into the forest forever
forgetting the bells, the whistles, all the people
cursing their neighbors, dancing in their flooded streets
when the rain is too much for the drains to contain.

And we can dash into the forest forever
but our hearts won't forget, our minds won't cease beating
the blood of our parents, our connected story
sparking fires nothing short of those rains can contain.


Thank you, Joseph, for the great prompt today! Click here to learn more about Joseph.

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