2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 14

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Two weeks! We're two weeks into this challenge already!

Today's prompt comes from Catherine Lee.

Here's Catherine's prompt: Write a stuck poem. Write about the struggle or the inability to move. Maybe you're stuck in traffic, in a bad job, or a relationship.

Robert's attempt at a Stuck Poem:

"Word Stuck"

All the obvious adjectives have been used a thousand
times over, so I find myself scouring the dictionary,
and still, there are few leads. Maybe this is the opportune

moment to commence speaking in code. I'm no common
lothario after all, handing out candy to any strumpet
who straggles in my direction. Snub me, club me, do

what you will with me. But I've lost the lexical capability
to explain how you make me feel when you find me in bed
every evening, leaning over to kiss me and send me to sleep.


Thank you, Catherine Lee, for the sticky prompt today. Click here to learn more about Catherine.

For those poets who prefer the forum, click here for the thread.


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