2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 13

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Today is a Two-for-Tuesday prompt, and they both come from Michael Grove.

Here are Mike's prompts:

  1. Write a letter poem.
  2. Write a recipe poem.

Robert's attempt at a letter and recipe poem:

"Dear Author"

I regret to inform you
a tablespoon of garlic
powder is inferior
to the same measurement of
garlic salt. Try both. One tastes
better, and you'll know which dish.
As for your "cookbook," I'll be
returning it straight to your
publisher with improvements.
I'm sure you can buy my book,
"The Better Cookbook," next year.


Thank you to Michael for these excellent prompts. Click here to follow Michael on Twitter.

Since only a fraction of readers are participating on the forum, I'm combining the rest of the month into one thread. Click here to share there.


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