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2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 12

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Today's prompt comes from Jane Shlensky.

Here is Jane's prompt: Write about a piece of technology or engineering that does not exist but that should. It could be a tribute to something that came to be because of a writer's imagination, like a helicopter or a submarine or a filtration system that makes urine potable. Or it could be the original imagination that may one day lead to a new piece of technology, like cloud movers, flood distributors, skyhooks, or levitation chairs.

Robert's attempt at a New Technology poem:

"Teleportation Device"

And no, I'm not talking about books, though
they are a good substitute. Lo, I want
to travel straight from Duluth to Dayton
in a moment--without it mattering
from which Duluth to which Dayton. I want
a teleportation device--something
to beam me up, or a black hole I can
enter in Duluth and then exit, yes,
in Dayton. Think of the wear and tear saved
on I-75 (for instance) or
the gas reduced. Think of my aching back!


Thank you, Jane, for the tech-savvy prompt!

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