2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 11

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Today's prompt comes from Rob Halpin.

Here's Rob's prompt: Write a veteran poem, but instead of just a poem on what Veteran's Day is about or thanking veterans, write from the veteran's perspective: how they felt moving around the world, what it was like being deployed to a combat zone, what they thought of the support (or lack thereof), or what they've found since getting back or out of the service.

Here's Robert's attempt at a Veteran Poem:

"Back Home"

Everything is the same
in some ways, but nothing
is the same as I left it.

This girl who nurses me now
used to get in jealous fights
over me. My son couldn't say

my name but now holds the door
open for me. Calls me, "Sir,"
and I just to tell him I made

the right choice as I teach
him to pass ball in the yard,
but I can't find the words.


Thank you, Rob, for today's prompt. Click here to learn more about Rob.

If you prefer using the WD Forum, click here for the Day 11 thread.


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