2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 10

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Slept in a little this morning, but I'm ready to go now. Click here for the Day 10 thread in the forum.

Today's prompt comes to us from Linda Hofke.

Here's Linda's prompt: Since we have people all over the world (myself included) why not do a "use a foreign word" in the title of your poem or in your poem. Since many English words we use originated in other languages, it shouldn't be too hard. Examples would be commonly known words or phrases such as (in German) Guten Tag and angst, (in Italian) Arrivederci and Amore, (in French) a la carte, a la mode, au contrairea, (in Spanish) loco, siesta, or guacamole.

Robert's attempt at a Foreign Word Poem:


I'm always a sucker for words that rhyme with you
like vous, nous, et tu. It is a beautiful view
when two young adults both woo on the avenue--
the clue is in how few folks use the word salut.


Thank you, Linda, for the prompt--c'est magnifique! Click here to learn more about Linda.

Here's a link to the Day 10 thread in the WD Forum.


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