Learn How to Write Compelling, Authentic Dialogue - “Voices in Your Head”

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In all genres, dialogue is an essential component of successful writing—from essays and short stories to novels and memoirs. No matter how intriguing your story or characters are, dialogue that falls flat will earn your writing sample a quick trip to the recycle bin.

Compelling, authentic dialogue dramatically improves your story and your characters! It's also a powerful tool to help you get to know your characters, pace your narrative, and personalize your writing.

In this free live webinar, you’ll learn the key components of writing great dialogue.
You’ll also discover how to:

  • Use dialogue to explore and develop characters and move your story forward
  • Decide what characters should and should not say in order to pace your narrative
  • Balance exposition and spoken words in a dialogue-driven scene
  • Shape dialogue that’s artful and authentic
  • Use ‘techy’ dialogue without sounding awkward (the dialogue found in text messages, IMs, and e-mails)
  • Consider special cases like non-fiction, YA language, accents, and swearing
  • Eavesdrop to train your ears—to really listen to the spoken (and unspoken!) words around you

Kerri Majors is the author of This Is Not a Writing Manual: Notes for the Young Writer in the Real World (Writer’s Digest Books, July 2013), a writing memoir for teen and college writers who want to know what the writing life has in store. Kerri is the founder and editor of YARN (Young Adult Review Network), the first and leading independent online literary journal of YA literature. Kerri holds an MFA from Columbia University.

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