Treochair: Poetic Forms

Last week, we looked at a Welsh form (awdl gywydd). This week, let’s try out the treochair!

Treochair Poems

The treochair is an Irish form. While there are quite a few mentions online, the only book that appears to mention it is Robin Skelton’s The Shapes of Singing. Here are the basic rules:

  • Variable number of tercets (or three-line stanzas)
  • Three syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and seven in the third
  • The first line rhymes with the third
  • Treochairs employ a lot of alliteration


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Here’s my attempt at a Treochair:

tell teacher, by Robert Lee Brewer

tell teacher
to traipse in the pale moonlight
with the purposeful preacher

while playing
poker peacefully teaching
and passionately praying

for lovely
interludes in the little
log house silencing the sea


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He never knows where the next form will lead him. Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.

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20 thoughts on “Treochair: Poetic Forms

  1. AvatarPressOn


    When my dog
    died, dissonant distraction
    dove in, casting a deep fog

    on my soul;
    loosing my longing again;
    leaving me limp and less whole.

    Faithful friends
    are few, but in an old dog
    fidelity never ends.

  2. AvatarWilliam


    Wisdom cries
    Her call is constant and clear
    Willing justice to arise

    Justice too
    Seeks not solace but sanction
    To pursue all that is true

    Lastly Truth
    Testifies until twilight
    To the aged as well as youth

    We ignore
    Preferring darkness to light
    Loving what we should abhor

    Wisdom cries


  3. AvatarPressOn


    My old car
    has the look of lusciousness
    but threatens not to go far;

    it appeals
    to a sense of symmetry
    but feels shrimpy on its wheels,

    and it takes
    time for it to terminate
    with tired mechanical brakes.

    That is why
    it shines at summer car shows
    but shies from view when snows fly.

  4. AvatarSara McNulty

    In The Eye

    In the eye
    of beholder beauty blazed,
    beckoning with siren’s sigh

    Helpless, he
    whose heart has hollowed from hurt
    cannot fight off first lady

    he attracts
    since scene of shame. Sallies forth,
    feels fearful, but makes contact.

  5. AvatarWalter J Wojtanik

    FIND ROMANCE, by Walter J Wojtanik

    Find romance
    looking for love in places
    those traces of love will dance

    Take a chance
    those two hearts can beat as one,
    ours beat bolder to enhance

    What the world needs now is love.
    It will fill your lives sweetly.

    Romance lives
    in almost hidden spaces.
    But, believe the joy it gives.

    Look within
    to find all that your lives lack,
    love gives it back once again.

    Love will dance.
    It possess the power
    to heal hearts . Find romance.

  6. Avatarcandy

    morning melodrama

    busy birds
    snatching seeds from a feeder
    through all weather, not deterred

    wind whips by
    feeder sways and swings around
    secretly I sit and spy

    a hungry hawk circles wide
    chickadee and sparrow fled

    to trees
    seeking shelter and safety
    til threatening terror flees

  7. Avatarseamuscorleone


    I want peace,
    To go with the flow, carefree,
    Finding pleasure in release.

    But my mind,
    A minefield of memories,
    Explodes, leaving rest behind.

    Cheers! A drink
    Dulling my dullard spirit
    And calming my wayward think.

    Has trite troubles of its own.
    Let’s drink to joy, not sorrow!

  8. Avatartaylor graham


    Flowers bright –
    but beyond walks Honey-Bear
    down a forest dark as night.

    could chance to the Curious
    that dares a child’s book to sing

    of Unknowns.
    Courage! it calls. Come explore
    all those secrets the darkness owns.

  9. AvatarPressOn


    Kingbirds fly
    fleetingly over the lea;
    other flycatchers stand by

    as the sun
    swims slowly toward the west
    and the sheen shifts toward dun.

    in a cool Cape Cod meadow
    captures its own kind of boon

    as I wait
    and watch by the whalebone gate
    for the waning of the light.


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