Cyrch A Chwta: Poetic Form

Wow! So it’s been almost two months since the last form I’ve covered. So let’s jump right into today’s form: cyrch a chwta!

Cyrch A Chwta Poems

As you might guess from the name, cyrch a chwta is a Welsh poetic form. And like many Welsh forms, this poem involves both end rhymes and internal (or cross) rhymes. Here are the guidelines:

  • Octave stanza (8-line stanza)
  • 7 syllables per line
  • Lines 1-6 and 8 end rhyme together
  • Line 7 cross rhymes with line 8 (internally) on either syllable 3, 4, or 5

Note: The “a” rhyme appears at least 7 times per stanza, so it should be a strong one with plenty of rhyming options.


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Here’s my attempt at a Cyrch A Chwta Poem:

Viral Videos, by Robert Lee Brewer

We shared popcorn from a bowl
watching people swallowed whole
by enterprising sinkholes–
the earth transformed into trolls
claiming some forgotten toll
performed by a giant mole
or perhaps an ancient snake
that can never break its role.


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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26 thoughts on “Cyrch A Chwta: Poetic Form

  1. Haikutopia


    Another school year winds down
    Soon to march with cap and gown
    Party streamers around town
    Glad to see how kids have grown
    Seeds of learning have been sown
    Tassels replace paper crown
    Hugging friends, a happy sob
    Start a job or college bound
    by Sari Grandstaff

  2. Haikutopia

    Delightful Dandelions

    Floating dandelion seeds
    Much maligned as noxious weeds
    But children they take no heed
    As they blow, their wishes freed
    With abandon and Godspeed
    The springtime wind takes the lead
    In scattering the white fluff
    Soon enough, to grow and breed.

    by Sari Grandstaff

  3. RJ Clarken

    Childhood Memories Redux

    The smell of a book excites.
    Under covers, my flashlight
    I’d hold in my hands most nights.
    A child asserting her rights:
    imagination takes flight:
    fairies and kings and some knights.
    Still get a sweet little thrill
    still. Makes my heart soar to great heights.


  4. RJ Clarken

    A Fine Mess

    Her hair was all tangles, knots.
    3 broken combs. That so rots.
    A mess (in everyone’s thoughts!)
    And even fine brushes? Naughts.
    We’ve named her mane ‘Juggernauts’.
    Looks likes it’s zapped. Kilowatts,
    like a zillion, struck each strand.
    Hair run amok, takes potshots.


  5. RJ Clarken

    At the Museum

    That painting gave quite a start
    but it wasn’t just the art.
    It struck a chord in my heart.
    Suddenly, I fell apart.
    Brushstrokes were both bold and smart.
    Couldn’t look away or part
    company. It held such sway.
    Judgment day? No counterpart.


  6. LCaramanna

    Guilty Verdict
    by Lorraine Caramanna

    Trap snaps on little mouse head,
    shovel wacks sure it is dead.
    How that mouse wishes he tread
    in another place! Instead,
    blood stains concrete floor bright red.
    Murder conviction, I dread
    jail for a self-defense crime,
    guilty this time in my shed.

  7. Mindym24601

    I was in love, but forgot
    To find some place for my thoughts
    To keep them safe when we fought
    But I failed, and now they’re caught
    You know my dreams yet cannot
    Respect them just as you ought
    Oh! I loved so foolishly
    You tricked me; I loved for naught

  8. Mindym24601

    I’ve walked miles both east and west
    Looking for a moment’s rest
    To ease the pain in my chest
    That comes from being grief’s guest
    My friends, they think that I jest,
    Either that, or I’m obsessed,
    But, ardently, I loved you
    And now we’re through, I protest

  9. Eileen S

    Mood Booster
    by Eileen Sateriale

    Children went outside to play
    on the leading day of May.
    Clouds with not one speck of gray,
    singing from oak trees, blue jays.
    Young boys engaged in horseplay.
    Girls picked colorful bouquets.
    The sunshine so very bright;
    positive light; this May Day.

  10. Haikutopia

    Inspiration Sought
    by Sari Grandstaff

    There are ancient pleasure domes,
    Odes and sonnets, epic tomes,
    Mariners who sail and roam
    Odysseus far from home
    Dover beach’s frothy foam
    Treasure hunting shipwrecks combed
    Searching I hope not for naught
    For a thought to spur my poem

  11. taylor graham


    This most quiet time of day
    before commerce has its say
    just the crows at corvid play
    over pavement empty, gray
    where once was meadow-gay –
    but I didn’t come to stay.
    There’s no traffic near or far
    so my car has right-of-way.

  12. taylor graham


    Kitty-sphinx with half-closed eye
    watches puppy on the sly.
    That Chinese vase – by and by
    mistress just might wonder why
    and who’s to blame. Cat’s don’t lie.
    Purr affirms “it was not I.”
    Don’t ask Kitty, she won’t heed.
    Cats don’t need an alibi.

  13. Asha1000


    Sprint along tracks on blurred feet;
    crawl sideways through sand and peat;
    dive deep within folds and pleats:
    temptation to lie is sweet.
    In the sea, all rivers meet,
    eventually. We eat
    words as bitter as coffee
    and pay fees for swindler’s wheat.

    – Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming

  14. taylor graham


    A country outing. Sky’s cloak
    was blue with a yellow yolk –
    don’t say heaven’s shell is broke.
    Two in love, a gentle yoke
    of tangled grass, a green baroque.
    He’d pluck a bloom – till she spoke.
    Don’t touch, be still and listen:
    it’s just glisten – poison oak!

  15. taylor graham


    Nest built in a tree up high,
    breeze sings bluebird rockabye.
    Birdlings bloom in summer’s eye
    till the leaves begin to sigh:
    “ah but the neighbor cat is sly
    and would like some bluebird pie.”
    From a limb the kitty swings,
    baby birdlings learn to fly.

  16. taylor graham

    88 + 72

    Carrot, balloon, an old shoe –
    carrot our puppy would chew –
    balloon popped out of the blue
    where we walked in woods, we two –
    old shoe with its sole worn through
    from long hikes on rock, in dew.
    All those trails we’ve left behind –
    you remind, memories once new.

  17. Tracy Davidson

    The Wise Man?

    He said life is not a race,
    just take it at your own pace,
    there’s no loss of pride or face
    in settling for second place.
    Ambitious sorts always chase,
    always risk a fall from grace.
    Happy, those who fit the norm,
    life’s boring but warm embrace.

  18. Bruce Niedt

    Package Deal

    Manufacturers destroy
    simple gifts meant for a boy
    or girl, by deflating joy –
    they make packing to annoy.
    Tamper-, theft- proof, that’s their ploy –
    It’s frustrating! (I’m not coy.)
    Extrication: cut, pull, shake –
    I hope I don’t break the toy.

  19. Eileen S

    Carefree Childhood by Eileen Sateriale

    Children went outside to play
    On a beautiful spring day
    Clouds with not one speck of gray
    Singing from branches, blue jays
    The boys engaged in horseplay
    Girls picked colorful bouquets
    The sunshine so very bright
    All loved the light of May Day.

  20. JRSimmang


    If it waddles front and back,
    and it has a certain knack
    of letting its jaw hang slack
    when babbling yikkety-yak,
    you’re likely to get some flak
    if a wide smile starts to crack.
    What’d be the best of luck
    than a duck that doesn’t quack?

    -JR Simmang

  21. PressOn


    This form could mean much trouble,
    like skating on a bubble,
    with rhyming more than double
    and lines brief as a nubble;
    imagine raking rubble
    or shaving iron stubble
    or hitters throwing a fit
    when trying to hit Hubbell.


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