2019 April PAD Challenge: Day 8

For today’s prompt, write a lucky number poem. Some people have lucky numbers, some don’t. Wherever you fall on the lucky number spectrum, you can still write a poem about the phenomenon of lucky numbers and/or luck in general.

Remember: These prompts are just springboards; you have the freedom to jump in any direction you want.


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Here’s my attempt at a Lucky Number Poem:

“Lucky Guessing”

For some, it’s seven, others three
to predict their lucky number.
Though neither guess belongs to me,
for some it’s seven, others three.
Luck stretches to infinity
like the ants that march through summer.
For some, it’s seven, others three–
can you guess my lucky number?


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). His lucky number follows him everywhere. Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.

239 thoughts on “2019 April PAD Challenge: Day 8

  1. AvatarLCaramanna


    I cannot reveal my lucky number
    for I use it for my PIN,
    to reveal my lucky number
    risks criminals hacking in
    to access my bank accounts
    and plunder my dough.
    So I must not reveal my lucky number
    I am the only one who can know.

    Lorraine Caramanna

  2. AvatarQuillQueen

    Unlucky Train Charts
    By Tiffany Brannan

    “Hello, madam,” said the ticket clerk.
    “What can I do for you?”
    The lady checked the clock
    And saw that it was 5:02.

    “I want to buy a ticket
    To a place which I must reach.”
    “I see, and where is that?” he asked.
    She quickly said, “Palm Beach.”

    He checked his chart and told her,
    “That train leaves at 5:19.”
    “Oh, dear, no!” the lady cried in fear.
    “Nineteen is bad, I’ve seen.”

    “Perhaps Madame would rather take
    The 6:04,” he said.
    “But six and four together
    And you see,” she said, “I’m dead.”

    “6:55?” the poor man tried.
    “Oh, yes; that will be fine,”
    Said the superstitious lady.
    “That will give me time to dine.”

    “You fare will cost you forty bucks.”
    “That’s my unlucky number!
    If I begin my trip thus,
    Something’s certain to encumber.”

    At his wits’ end, the worker said,
    “And what fare could you pay?
    I’ll gladly pay the rest of it
    And save your luck that way.”

    “Oh, thank you, sir! You’re very kind.”
    Said the irrational lady.
    “If you will pay 2.20,
    I’ll pay 37.80.”

    “That’s fine,” said he. “Enjoy your trip.
    Your train leaves from track seven.”
    “No, it can’t be! Are you sure it’s
    Not three, nine, or eleven?”

    “No, it is not,” the worked sighed.
    “But you don’t have to speak.
    Seven’s bad luck, so now we must
    Some other train time seek.”

    “There’s one at eight, track nine, and that’s
    The last one of this e’en.”
    “I’d like that one,” she said. “You won’t.
    The only seat’s thirteen.”

  3. AvatarAzma

    Being safe

    There was once a man named Edward
    Who would always let slip his password
    He swore to his friend
    ‘I will put it to an end
    I’ll set 7348 going forward’

    Azma Sheikh

  4. AvatarBDP

    Imayo: “Pitchers Hard to Hit”

    The TV announcer said (that reminded me)
    The shortstop’s bat had the sound (there is a saying)
    Thwack! of rolled-up newspaper (the more you practice)
    The blooped ball plopped down uncaught (the luckier are)

    * * * * *

    the TV announcer said
    that reminded me
    the shortstop’s bat had the sound
    there is a saying
    thwack! of rolled-up newspaper
    the more you practice
    the blooped ball plopped down uncaught
    the luckier are

    B Peters

  5. AvatarYolee


    Every sacrifice burnt,
    every settlement and payment,
    every place imprinted with our being there-
    the sum of 60-minute clusters
    when the sun overdrew
    the night’s account
    or rain leveled the soil beneath,
    every broken piece of us,
    whatsoever made us full-length mirrors of love
    kites above luck or numbers kneeling at altars.

  6. Avatarrebwood

    (Un)lucky Number

    Do we fear 13 because
    Judas Iscariot was
    the last to arrive,
    the first to betray?

    Even though it was foretold
    by the prophets and psalms,
    we still punish Judas
    for the role he played.

    We must hope
    to be unlike him,
    avoiding the number,
    avoiding the sin.

    But was it betrayal
    to believe the prophets?
    Knowing a difficult choice
    had to be made?

    Did Jesus tell him
    “Do it”,
    so that when the kiss was given,
    the end of the beginning


  7. AvatarBer

    Luck Would Have It

    Luck would have it
    If it would have me
    I would never find you
    But you would find me

    Lucky Number seven
    Over and over
    Everywhere I go
    There you would show

    Any time I would use you
    You would never let me down
    Bringing me kindness
    Not wealth
    But a smile

    Knowing you are with me
    Shadowing my presence
    Comforting my mind
    Familiarity is all I need
    My pockets will not bleed

    Lucky number seven
    Stay around forever
    Never hide away
    You are the sunshine
    That brightens my rainy days

  8. AvatarMaddiScarboro

    How ironic

    Ironic as it is, these lucky numbers can be taboo
    Thirteen is my chance
    My only chance not to lose.
    My number is so scary
    It’s not even on planes.
    Some buildings ignore the number
    But thirteen is the number i slay.

  9. AvatarEarl Parsons

    The Top Five

    One is the best because
    There is only One God
    Two is for me and her
    Though I am quite odd
    Three is our relationship
    ‘Cause God is included
    Four children to bless us
    In God all are rooted
    Five perfect grandchildren
    All sweet as can be
    And that’s just the beginning
    Of how God’s blessing me

    © 2019 Earl Parsons

  10. AvatarPSC in CT


    She scoffs at the notion
    of luck or misfortune being
    guided, governed by a clique
    of handpicked numbers.
    Three, seven, thirteen –
    what can they mean?
    You hold more luck
    in your three fingers
    than in the digit 3
    (says she)

    Numbers are merely ciphers,
    (she avers) a tally, a census of sorts;
    not things, but a method
    for counting things
    (which brings her to
    her point)

    Luck (she alleges)
    lives and breathes and
    needs a place to reside,
    somewhere to hide.
    That’s when she opens up
    her cabinet of charms,
    totems, talismans
    and tokens, and
    (I’m willing to bet)
    she’s about to sell me
    an amulet.

  11. Avatarnansghosh

    Lucky number
    Which is my lucky one,
    Is it nine, four or none!
    When I learnt to count using fingers,
    Three looked cool with my little fingers.
    And I grabbed it as my lucky number!
    When my best friend had birthdate nine,
    I thought it was lucky as mine.

    When I started playing with the numbers,
    And all board games needed four members,
    Nine had to go to make way,
    Four was here to forever stay.

    As I grew with my desires manifold,
    Like a butterfly, breaking my mould,
    No more I cared for a lucky number,
    But to have a tale for each, to remember!

  12. AvatarTaruchaya

    Lucky for Me

    I thought and thought
    and thought and thought
    Why 12 is lucky
    but 13 is not.
    From curious childhood
    To being an inquisitive teen
    How can i ever forget
    The lovely thirteen?
    But like all things good
    Teenage came to an end
    After the age of 19
    Our world changes, my friend.
    I still am wondering
    Which number is lucky for me
    Is it three, thirteen, nineteen,
    twenty five or thirty three?

  13. Avatarcristoferlentsch

    4/8/19 Writer’s Digest Napomo 2019 PAD Challenge Day 8
    For today’s prompt, write a lucky number poem. Some people have lucky numbers, some don’t. Wherever you fall on the lucky number spectrum, you can still write a poem about the phenomenon of lucky numbers and/or luck in general. Remember: These prompts are just springboards; you have the freedom to jump in any direction…
    Dumb Luck, Bum Luck, WTF?

    When it comes to luck, I just don’t know,
    does it exist, does it diminish or grow?
    Personally, without bad luck I
    would probably have no luck at all.
    Looking back on my life, looking at my luck,
    I guess you could say good and bad, but
    I don’t really give a f**k if
    I went by luck maybe I’d
    be dead or a millionaire or a
    freaking drug head, do you
    think I’ll win the lottery?
    Well, let me look back at
    all the scratch offs that I scratched,
    oh my goodness me, I
    think luck’s a mystery,
    lucky you, lucky me,
    f**k luck, let’s make it happen…

    Finally I found where to post. I got my own PAD Napomo 2019 thread on Modpo, but I’m doing this and allpoetry.com. I’m on a roll write now and I won’t let depression take me down!!!

  14. Avatarpcm

    Who’s Counting?

    Weight gained in numbers
    —sixty for six

    pounds eight
    of squalling infant

    —eighty for nine
    pounds ten of love

    pounds lost
    minutes gained

    as boys became men
    phone numbers replaced hugs

    —tombstone metrics
    my best friend

    miles walked
    papers written

    justice talks
    injustices committed

    planes flown
    boats sunk

    all the thoughts
    I’ve thunk

    losses and gains
    through time remain

    ~ pcm

  15. Avatarseingraham


    Math has always baffled me
    until I got serious about poetry.
    Then I learned about Fibonacci
    and his sequences and blam,
    numbers made sense for the first
    time ever in my life – There
    is something so natural about
    the way they fit together
    and how they can be seen in
    the whorl of a seashell or the
    spiral of a staircase and that’s
    just the luckiest poetic thing.

  16. AvatarPat Walsh

    the lucky number
    by Patrick J. Walsh

    we got there kind of late…

    a little while after we got
    to the club the girl I was
    with pointed out a mousy
    little blonde near the stage
    next to a big nervous guy
    fiddling with a cheesy hat

    she’s a lucky number my
    friend said as she sidled
    off toward the bar and not
    knowing what she meant
    I headed to the stage to
    ask how old the lady was

    realizing my mistake just
    about the moment the guy
    offered to punch me I
    explained how I do like
    punch but only the orange
    kind and with no fruit in it

    my friend reappeared right
    about then with her drink
    and that anxious smile she
    always smiles when I’’ve
    done something that will
    seem really funny later

    flipping the hat onto the
    blonde and slipping her
    glass into the big hands
    she said the two of them
    looked like a lucky number
    as we headed for the door

    …and we left a little early

  17. AvatarJane Shlensky

    Make Your Own Luck

    Old Cecil knows his talismans
    and keeps them ready and at hand.
    A purple rabbit’s foot key chain,
    an upturned horse shoe catches cash,
    his lucky coin, his lucky chain,
    a die that always favors 6,
    and four-leafed clovers, always found
    dry pressed between the pages
    of his books. He swears that 13
    works for him, as long as he knows
    it’s really 4, the number of
    his lucky shells and rosaries.
    He says out in the universe
    the numbers fly like swallows soar,
    in murmurations—beautiful
    as air ballet on full display.
    He says he’s lucky he can see
    the gridwork of the sundry worlds.
    He’ll win the sweepstakes one fine day
    and buy himself a rocket ship.
    He kisses his cross, rolls his die,
    rattles his rosaries, taps his coin,
    rubs the rabbit’s foot one two three four…
    that’s it. Yeah, he’s a lucky man.

  18. AvatarMET

    Snake Eyes

    I saw you walking towards me.
    I blew on the dice.
    I rolled snake eyes
    The moment I met you, and
    Should have walked away-
    Wished I had later, but
    There was danger in those eyes.
    I always liked the edge.
    In this game,
    Those snake eyes meant I lost.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    April 8, 2019

  19. AvatarJane Shlensky

    Lucky Numbers

    Ten fingers, ten toes
    That’s lucky!
    Two arms, two legs
    Two lungs and kidneys
    Two eyes and ears
    That’s lucky!
    A brain, a heart
    A nose, a mouth
    Whew! That’s good!
    A voice to cry
    and speak and sing
    and something
    inside happening–
    Thank God!
    It’s a miracle,
    such luck!

  20. Avatareileen_why


    Not my lucky number,
    but the one I use to fall asleep
    when I find myself staring in the dark,
    mind racing.
    I subtract by sevens,
    starting at a mirrored number,
    like 5,005 or 8,008
    (they’re all divisible by seven,
    so I can check myself
    along the way).
    Its pattern is not
    a simple one like subtracting by
    2s or 10s or even 3s.
    Complicated enough that
    I have to pay attention,
    not let my mind wander,
    but focus on taking away
    one seven at a time,
    pausing every once in a while
    to divide by seven
    and make sure I haven’t strayed.
    Some nights I’ll fall asleep
    after 50 sevens or so.
    Some nights I get all the way to
    and have to start again.

  21. AvatarLinda Voit

    Lucky Numbers

    Believing a number is lucky is benign enough
    I suppose. I don’t believe in lucky numbers
    but I’m not hurling any stones.
    Back when my hands were smaller, I carried
    a rabbit’s foot dangling on a ball chain
    with me most places for a whole summer
    just for luck. And I may not believe in
    lucky numbers, but to this day, I talk softly
    into the dice cup before I toss the dice
    for Yahtzee. Hey, sometimes it works!

  22. AvatarAnvanya


    Some years ago I got fascinated by numerology
    And thought I’d study, so as to know which
    Days were good for what.

    Then when Andrew’s princess was born on
    8-8-’88, word on the street was that her
    Birth date was an extremely fortunate one.
    Happen, it’s not turned out so…
    But at the time I took eight to heart.

    Read up on the number stuff and decided
    It was maybe okay for days when I had
    Nothing going on anyways. But got tripped
    Up compulsively adding the numbers on the
    Alarm clock in the middle of the night
    Until my group leader mentioned it would help
    Me sleep better if I turned the alarm to the wall.

    Easy, peasy, says I.

    And later WHEN my TV pastor taught about the importance
    Of numbers in the Hebrew language, then the
    Pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place.

    Nowadays, when tempted to add up the numbers
    In today’s date or to count the railroad cars at
    The crossing near Cedar, or to wonder if the numbers
    On the check I’m writing add up to …I take a deep breath
    And speak: one and one is two and one more
    Makes three.

    That’s all for now.

  23. Avatarclaudsy

    This must be our lucky dy. 😀

    Numbers in Luck

    How does any digit
    Become a token of luck?

    How does mathematics
    Figure into such belief?

    Some religions find three
    To stand above all with meaning.

    Others are seen as prominent
    When counting blessed favor.

    Italy fervently embraces thirteen
    As granting good fortune to each.

    While English lines draw circles
    Around thirteen, containing curses.

    China has its favorites and India, too;
    Spaniards see their own versions.

    Why should one number eclipse
    Those seen as lesser in fortune
    When none finds no universal praise?

  24. Avatarhmm.writer


    when I crested 10 I thought
    I’d broken some sort of barrier, finally
    I was in the big leagues but
    that was before I met a girl who had 30 and a boy who had 40 and
    another boy who told me
    -you might have broken 70-

    suddenly I feel like I’ve been running in the wrong race, my
    17 can’t keep up, how
    can I call myself a slut without the stats to back it up?

  25. Avatarina

    Today is the 8th

    8 is my lucky
    number because here I am watching
    a sunset
    foggy but still the slight
    comes through and
    puts autumn and
    spring in my eyes
    which is a miracle
    of a basic sort
    and 9 will be lucky
    too when I remember
    I left the window open
    because early yellow finch morning
    like maple
    seeds or rivulet clear trickle
    ripple through screen and
    rest lightly on the blanket over
    my left shoulder and
    wake the one cat who
    isn’t prowling and
    then I will know 9 is a
    lucky number too and
    then if I’m extra lucky
    there will be 11, and 12,
    and 13, and someday another
    1, and another 2.

  26. Avatartunesmiff

    dark sky seven stars
    blue hour fading to black
    one by one, the rest
    (Seven is considered a lucky number in Japanese culture, as is five, which is Haiku’s format – 5,7,5.)

  27. AvatarPearl Ketover Prilik

    a quick for NaPoWriMo

    We are all circling the
    drain – sometimes caught
    in the whoop and whirl
    and tickled exhilaration of
    the swirl – other times peeking
    into the center and wondering
    at the blackness just beyond our
    vision – Whether breathless with
    giggles or gagging in terror – it
    matters not – for we are all circling
    the drain – unaware of the final pull
    and whoosh ….all a matter of luck

  28. AvatarDarlene Franklin

    I don’t want to rhyme with luck
    The first word that comes to mind is f—
    Which I refuse to use—
    Or buck or duck or struck or muck
    Or yuck or suck
    But none of those things sound lucky
    I’d rather go riding in my truck
    Perhaps to watch Shakespeare’s Puck
    Strut across the stage
    Listen to violinists pluck their strings
    At last I come home
    Tuck my children into bed
    Perhaps I am lucky after all

  29. AvatarHeather

    Missed a few but back at it on my lucky number day.


    Lucky number.
    Is there such a thing?
    My favourite number is 8,
    infinity on its side.
    But 8 followers
    don’t get me noticed.
    make me feel out of touch.
    make me feel irrelevant.
    8 friends
    make me feel insignificant.
    Perhaps I crave the infinite
    the possibilities, the dreams,
    the exponential.
    But I must settle
    for infinity on its side.

  30. Avatarrobinamelia

    Two crocuses have poked up their white heads
    beneath the rhododendron. There should have been three.
    All bulbs should be planted in groups of three,
    to give the impression of wildness, so as to suggest
    they just appeared that way, pure luck, or a squirrel
    perhaps had some say in the matter, but that any emerge
    at all after such a winter, is a wonder greater than luck.

  31. AvatarMET

    Six and Twenty-eight

    Six is a perfect number…
    So is twenty-eight…
    Not really sure if that
    Makes them lucky…
    Except I started school
    When I was six, and
    I ended my job
    As a caseworker at
    Twenty-eight years.
    Enough to make them lucky.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    April 8, 2019

  32. Avatartunesmiff

    G. Smith (BMI)
    I never had a lucky number,
    Then, when I met you,
    I realized, with some surprise,
    My lucky number’s two.
    So much time spent on my own,
    So much time spent all alone;
    You may think it strange,
    But my fortune changed,
    The day we said, “I do, I do…”
    The day we said, “I do…”

  33. AvatarSharon


    Eleven pops into my head,
    a strange choice, it must be said.
    I don’t know why it’s true,
    nothing spectacular happened to me or you
    on the eleventh day, month or year,
    so why does eleven ring in my ear?

    An odd number to signify luck,
    a concept on which I wouldn’t wager a buck.
    E-le-ven… e-le-ven… Is the cadence pure,
    a mantra, a chant, a cure,
    for the disaster life can be
    when luck doesn’t rest on me?

  34. AvatarMET

    Lucky Numbers

    One Owl making night calls.
    Two cats outside waiting for dinner.
    Three cats inside napping.
    Four wheels on a broken wagon.
    Five raccoons come calling.
    Six new azaleas for me to plant.
    Seven mudholes getting filled today.
    Eight crows usher me out.
    Nine minutes of sunshine this morning,
    And I count all these numbers
    To be the lucky ones…
    For here at the Wilderwood
    It is the way it is.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    April 8, 2019


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