2019 April PAD Challenge: Day 2

I hope you had a great first day of poeming. If you missed it, no worries; it’s still easy to catch up! If you did poem yesterday, let’s do it again!

And today is actually a special day: Two for Tuesday! Pick one prompt or use both…your choice!

  1. Write a worst case poem. What’s the worst that could happen?
  2. Write a best case poem. Take the worst and reverse it!

Remember: As mentioned yesterday, these prompts are just springboards; you have the freedom to jump in any direction you want.


Poem Your Days Away!

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Anyway, it’s great for prompting poems, and you should order a copy today. (Maybe order an extra one as a gift for a friend.)

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Here’s my attempt at a Worst Case and/or Best Case Poem:


To play or not to play,
that’s what is facing us.
We could win a nice prize
or lose & start to fuss.
But then again, there is
one more reason to play–
supporting a good cause–
so, what the heck, let’s play!


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He usually enters raffles, and he usually does not win. Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.

430 thoughts on “2019 April PAD Challenge: Day 2

  1. AvatarShennon

    Best case scenario,
    She says ‘yes’
    When I pop the question.
    I’ll even take
    a giggle
    a laugh
    a squeal
    a gasp
    But only if they’re
    Followed by a ‘yes’.
    Followed by a ‘no’
    My heart would shatter.


  2. AvatarBDP

    Imayo: “How Wrong DIY Turns Right”

    Nature photos hung cockeyed: you find a new path.
    White pine tongue-and-groove fits ill: see forest not trees.
    Vinyl tiles uneven cement: walk/surf the soft waves.
    Drywall dust flies everywhere: footsteps on beach sand.

    * * * * *

    nature photos hung cockeyed
    you find a new path
    white pine tongue-and-groove fits ill
    see forest not trees
    vinyl tiles uneven cement
    walk/surf the soft waves
    drywall dust flies everywhere
    footsteps on beach sand

    B Peters

  3. AvatarJezzie

    The worst thing that can happen is that parliament votes to leave Europe today.
    But worse than that is that Jeremy Corbyn takes over from Theresa May.
    The best thing that could happen is we go back about three years
    and forget about the referendum and all our Brexit fears.

  4. AvatarNoreen Snyder

    What If’s…?

    What if God answered my prayer
    and He let you live.
    Would you still be in a lot of pain
    or would God take it away?
    Would you be able to come home
    or would they keep you in there forever?
    Would we ever get our marital rights back
    or are they gone forever?
    I might never know the answers.
    But my heart will always ache for you
    until the day that God says
    it’s my time to go.
    Then you and I will be reunited in Heaven.

    April 2, 2019
    Noreen Ann Snyder

  5. Avatarjakecosmos

    day 2 poems

    It Can’t Happen Here or Can It?
    Every day when I watch TV
    I see the chattering classes

    The TV pundits
    And their guests

    Pontificate about this and that
    And it seems to me

    That they are missing the big picture
    In the era of Donald Trump

    Nothing that they say
    Will make a difference

    Donald Trump has slowly conquered
    The political world

    And he is shaping it into something
    That we had hoped we would never see

    A truly American neo-fascist state
    Wrapped around the flag

    And so-called Christian values
    And the latest made up outrage

    And the chattering classes
    Don’t seem to understand

    That they are next
    On the hit parade

    As the Donald Trump machinery
    Continues to take over the known universe

    The question used to be
    It can’t happen here

    The answer I am afraid
    Is already has

    Agnostic Dyslectic Wonders if There is a Dog

    an agnostic dyslectic
    stays up all night
    wondering if there is a dog

    the Buddhists wonder
    about the Buddha nature of the dog

    the evangelicals are sure that there is a dog
    and you must follow their dog

    or go to hell
    for following another’s dog

    the Muslims agree
    there is only one dog

    and the dogs
    smile at the foolishness

    of the human race
    of course, there is a dog

    and they are the master race
    as they growl at their owners

    who bow down
    and clean up their mess

  6. Avatarmicaburnett


    To chance at love
    Is to stand naked before you
    Spotlights on, High Definition
    Every imperfection peaking in projection
    To your judging eyes

    To find acceptance there
    Is to shout across the mountaintops
    I am loved and I am beautiful
    And all good things are plentiful
    Herein is where the true rub lies

  7. AvatarPearlPoetess

    Best Case: True Love
    By Promise E. Pope

    One man
    Whom I adore.
    His pledge of constant trust
    Would promise me a lifetime filled
    With love.

  8. Avatarina

    best case

    carbon copy cat like
    another shadow soft
    as silk sifts through fingers
    but makes a question noise
    that hangs in the air long
    after he himself slides through
    2 am on his own dim house
    track which must a metaphor
    for this 2 am life and dark
    this way we move toward
    light or tell ourselves a myth
    because i cannot live
    in the moment i am only
    a poor copy of a copy
    fading through layers of
    once again until its
    clear that the light I move towards is
    nothing at all but
    that’s okay

  9. Avatarcet

    no one predicted this

    the sky is a waterfall of rain
    the wipers can’t keep up

    our vision reduced
    to lightning

    never long enough
    for the depth of night

    for the depth of roads
    covered by water

    we slide sideways
    too late to turn back

    our hearts
    and the car’s engine

    race against the time
    we have left

    it could end this way
    the flash flood

    submerging us into
    a cautionary tale

    you hear about
    on the radio

    while you’re driving
    to work

  10. AvatarMichele Brenton

    I combined the two prompts and made one poem and it is completely true –

    The worst thing happened…

    The worst thing happened
    I can’t tell you what
    it was too much,
    too hard,
    too painful; I haven’t got
    the words to cover it,
    suffice to say
    I will never get over
    what happened that day.

    The worst thing happened
    and I am still here
    despite the past,
    not crushed,
    not ruined/drowned by tears
    I have been changed by it
    and in a way
    something wonderful and strange
    emerged from that day.

  11. AvatarLCaramanna

    Destined To Be

    Five miles of blacktop
    Illuminated by headlights,
    Rain puddles shimmered
    in early morning mist,
    Tires rolled along.

    Solitary figure
    Trudged along the shoulder
    Assaulted by the wind,
    Hunched against the rain,
    Determined in his stride.

    Five miles of blacktop
    Stretched in my direction,
    A moment of insanity
    Overtook my brain.
    Braked beside him,
    I rolled down the window,
    Questioned the stranger,
    Our destination was the same.

    Illuminated by headlights
    In the mist of early morning
    Along five miles of blacktop I drove,
    Trusted a stranger by my side.

    Tires rolled forward.
    He opened his heart,
    Shared his story,
    Exposed his soul.
    I listened, attracted.

    Guided by compassion,
    A forever friendship formed
    As five miles of blacktop
    Stretched before us in the misty morning.
    No longer strangers,
    Destined to be.

    Destined Not to Be

    Five miles of blacktop
    Illuminated by headlights,
    Rain puddles shimmered
    in early morning mist,
    Tires rolled along.

    Solitary figure
    Trudged along the shoulder
    Assaulted by the wind,
    Hunched against the rain,
    Determined in his stride.

    Five miles of blacktop
    Stretched in my direction,
    A moment of insanity
    Overtook my brain.
    Braked beside him,
    I rolled down the window,
    Questioned the stranger,
    Our destination was the same,
    Or so he said.

    Illuminated by headlights
    In the mist of early morning
    Along five miles of blacktop I drove,
    Trusted a stranger by my side.
    Uneasy conversation
    Made my dangerous choice known.

    Forced to stop along the road
    He opened his backpack,
    Exposed his weapon.
    Fired point blank.
    Destined not to be.

    Lorraine Caramanna

  12. AvatarKiri


    The worst case is always cancer
    self-immolating cells dividing
    conquering; internal empire of
    rape, rape, rape

    the fallen Queen fills the city streets
    with fire to flush the despotic horde
    until everything, everything
    everything dies

  13. Avatarlionmother

    Best Case Scenario:

    Technology Purrs

    She clicked onto the website
    after seeing the link displayed
    on a friend’s post on Facebook
    How much fun to be back at PAD
    she thought as she found the place
    where so many happy memories had
    been made for so many years.
    The poems were there already and
    she dabbled in reading just a few
    so she could see her friends’ work
    but not be too swayed by their words
    Ideas moved into her head and by
    the time she reached the Comments
    section she was able to dash off her poem.
    When she clicked submit she was asked for
    her password and she was prepared to provide this.
    She went back to her work and trimmed and tightened
    until she had her poem in good order.
    Then she clicked Submit again and PAD had begun.
    Copyright 2019 by Barbara Ehrentreu

  14. Avatarlionmother

    Technology Attack

    What could go wrong
    as she stared at her screen
    on the first day of April
    panting to be writing her poems
    She clicked onto the website
    and there was the familiar prompt
    and a few familiar friends’ work
    displayed in front of her
    She then put her fingers on the keys
    ready to uncork the words
    only to find she was locked out
    She must log in and so she who had
    forgotten her old password searched
    everywhere and came up empty
    Feeling she could register again
    she attempted and found to her dismay
    registering with her own username was impossible
    Thinking she could change her email she tried and
    then received the same answer. She was already registered
    Then she thought to get another password. This might work
    she thought. But the emails brought her to a page where on
    her phone there was a giant unmemorable password she
    could not copy. She thought I will try my computer again.
    After an hour on her computer going around and around
    in a senseless loop she gave up for the night
    She would be poem less on the first day of PAD.
    Copyright 2019 by Barbara Ehrentreu

  15. Avatarclaudsy

    1. Worst case scenario—

    Independence Day

    A hunt for explosives
    Flows through the neighborhood,
    Snaring every kid walking,
    But one who heard only
    Silence on Independence Day.

    Crackers pocketed for later,
    Rockets stashed for launch,
    Bombs held at the ready,
    All for sight, sound and mayhem.

    Darkness fell in slow progression,
    Enticing anticipation for all,
    Except the one whose silence
    Knew no thrill of explosions.

    Time elapsed until rockets flew,
    Spreading brilliant sparkles on high,
    Fireworks roared and flared for all
    But one who read in peace inside.

    Bombs were thrown, sparklers lit,
    Accidents happened without warning,
    A misfire sent one rocket off target,
    Sideways through an open window.

    Flames streaked from room to room,
    While one screamed in silence.
    They say no rockets will fly again
    In memory of one who paid with silence.

    2. Best Cast Scenario—

    Independence Day

    Boat races on the river,
    Of paddle and motor,
    Voices cheering on favorites,
    Arms raised in salute to winners.

    Three-legged races followed
    By spoons and eggs galore,
    Kept many a child occupied
    While meals appeared by mom-magic.

    Out beyond the river’s race lanes
    Floated the Glory platform,
    Covered with tubes filled with fire,
    Awaiting darkness to call them forth.

    Laughter reigns for young and old,
    Stretching faces with eyes wide,
    Fellowship and belonging prevail,
    Awaiting darkness and the show.

    After baskets and coolers stand empty
    The first whizzing bombs rise and fly,
    To give voice to patriotic exaltation
    And make way for fiery blossoms.

    Ooos and ahhs lift heads to marvel,
    As children squeal their delight
    And the sight brings nods from adults
    Who remember their first celebration.

  16. AvatarPearl Ketover Prilik

    Each morning and oft times mid night
    waking in the dark or half light that jolt
    reserved for the grieving – the slap of
    remembrance that the one you loved is
    truly and still gone – there will be no
    texts, or emails or telephone calls
    only this relentless silence – no matter
    how far or long you continue to reach
    Even as the sun rises and day burns
    out – the shiver remains and yet –

    There is no body buried ..no graves of
    a dead son and his wife and a grandson
    growing into toddlerhood … for …
    I am the living dead, grieving the living
    silence that refuses to break no matter
    how pitifully my heart screams or how softly I speak …

    Worst scenario – Best scenario
    To blunt the memory of a born and loved child or
    To live with the torture of inexplicable rejection…
    No best. No worst,
    Only the ongoing agony of purgatory.

    As the ever primordial mother voice still wishes him and them well
    Though I understand nothing of this at all….

    And so I move, not through enlightenment, but through necessity to seek, to wait, to welcome,
    The life lesson which must accompany this pummeling of the soul
    Certain, only that given the magnitude of pain the lesson shall be brilliant .

  17. AvatarMary A

    Worst Case Scenario

    You flip the card and once again

    the Tower’s burning, the pillar struck

    by lightning, its neck wrung by some

    coiled serpent. In the lefthand corner

    the boy on a horse, “Childe Roland

    to the dark tower came”, up at the window

    Rapunzel lowers a shining braid. But your

    life is on fire, burning so bright, so red.

    Time to jump? Or trust the flame, the silver

    glitter of serpent, the story of a happy fall?

  18. AvatarAnvanya

    The Cabin

    Another snowed-in day in beautiful
    Downtown Snohomish County.
    Living on a hill has its high spots
    And snow storms are not among them.

    Oh, sure, the firs and pines look
    Spectacularly gorgeous coated with
    Sparkling flakes and drifts. The
    Back porch is under two feet of the
    Stuff and impassible when the dogs
    Whine to be let out. Where’s the shovel?
    In the carport shed, also impassible,
    Thus impossible to retrieve.

    For the first time ever I’ve got a case
    Of cabin fever and so do the dogs. We
    Compromised with the snow and I managed
    To sweep away enough of the stuff from the porch
    To let the happy beasts visit nature twice a day.

    I’m stuck in the house and praise God
    The pipes have not frozen but my simple
    Sedan won’t track backwards up the hill to the side road.

    The Rescue

    Ringy-dingy goes the land line
    Yes, I’ve hung onto mine, windstorms
    And earthquakes bring down cell
    Towers and the electric lines with
    Startling regularity.

    Bella’s on the line with an offer of
    A trip into town in her 4 X 4, or whatever
    Those hunky trucks are called.
    I jump at the chance to get out of the house
    And a promised visit to Costco.

    Quick list: dog food, ground buffalo; almond
    Milk, two new novels (at least), TP, Kleenex
    (two towers of those for constantly dripping nose)
    Tuna, eye drops, and whatever else lies
    In wait to tickle my fancy. She’s got
    A humongous trunk. Oh yeah, Prince of
    Wales tea. I wonder will I find some
    Truly scrumptious cookies to have
    With my afternoon tea?

  19. AvatarAzma

    In the mood for dinner

    A sudden hormonal tuning
    has pulled me into the kitchen
    to experiment. Quite unusual.
    Everything stares at me
    and I stare back. Deep breath.
    Acquanting shouldn’t be tough.
    I could familiarize with the blender,
    wave and smile at the chicken.
    How difficult could vegetables be?
    I want to get wild with the spices,
    play around with settings on burners,
    but what if, I burn the neighborhood?
    Unintentionally brew up poison?
    Send fumes to attract aliens?
    I should just order in.

    Azma Sheikh

  20. Avatarsongful1

    In The Moment

    Complete silence permeated the room
    The whole house was eerily quiet
    No one knocked at the door
    No one called on the phone
    No notification beeps from text or chat sites
    No face time request
    No TV or music blaring
    No voices, no foot steps, no noise
    I looked out the window
    Life was still in place and moving
    But I heard no cars or trucks driving and honking
    No sirens screaming
    No air crafts were heard in the sky
    There was no dogs barking, birds chirping, or insects buzzing
    And the empty silence continued
    Omg, I don’t know what to do with all this nothingness
    So I just sat down all alone
    No people, no sounds, no noise
    Except me swallowing or my own movement
    WOW…no noise, complete silence
    No kind of interruptions
    Just the right now, totally in the moment
    Finally at peace, sweet serenity
    Divine T r a n q u i l i t y
    Until I unlock the door, open the windows
    And turn the phone back on



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