2018 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 30

Okay, here we are: The end of another November challenge. Except, well, this challenge isn’t really over yet, is it? I’ll share some next steps on Monday, but you can always jump back to the guidelines for guidance as well.

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “One More (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles include: “One More Time,” “One More Night,” or “One More Piece of Chocolate.” I hope you have one more poem in you.


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Here’s my attempt at a One More Blank Poem:

“One More Poem”

one more poem for me today
for soon it will be yesterday
& not long after you will hear
the passing of another year
so one more poem if you please
i hope to write one more of these


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of the poetry collection, Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He edits Poet’s Market and Writer’s Market, in addition to writing a free weekly WritersMarket.com newsletter and a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine. He is always glad to have one more poem to write. Follow him on Twitter @robertleebrewer.

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165 thoughts on “2018 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 30

  1. Yolee

    One More Story, Please?

    Bedtime stories had a bungalow of characters someone invented,
    but we, who were not imagined by anyone but God, were penumbras
    in the pages we turned and turned. 

    I sistered to the hardback mom who whispered
    *”Love you forever, I’ll like you for always
    as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be”

    I believe, even after death, she gazed at her son from a distance-
    a distance with no hope of being a challenge to her.

    My boy was the bunny in the great green room biding goodnight
    to **”three bears sitting on chairs, to a red balloon, to a bowl full of mush,
    to the comb and brush, to nobody, to clocks and socks, to air
    and to noises everywhere…”

    The moon would draw close to our window.
    Night shadows took their cloaks off to retire. 

    Today some stories have scripture, whiskers,
    ripples, and half empty glasses of teas once sweet.
    There are complicated words, pillows with no cases,
    banana crates and bedrooms with no beds.
    But there is also redemption, cynosure, grace and a cross.
    There are epiphanies, battle-tales with angel-breath-
    one-more-testimony to build character,
    bad and good night moons.

    * Robert Munsch
    ** Margaret Wise Brown

  2. Valkyri

    Not great, but a WIP.Still have to do remix,take a line and ambition, but vow not to stop until 30 are in my pocket. I haven’t had a chance to comment this Nov, but a thank you to Robert for hosting this again, as well as to those beautiful poets who contributed. And thank you if you read, appreciated or commented on my work. MET, Sara M, Linda, PKP, and so many others I cannot think to name you all right now, your work is vibrant, soulful, and touches my heart. Keep shining!

    one more

    once again the year spins round
    with its ups downs and inbetweens
    the chaos always ensues
    no matter how orderly the seasons

    decisions hell bent on thrive or perish
    or simply existing day to day
    solace with comfort and occasional support
    friendly constancy always constancy

    we lose and gain and lose again
    loves both near and far
    the spinning axis hasn’t stopped yet
    again smokey fingers dance to a clacking tune

  3. bethwk

    One more moment is all I need,
    one more shining silver strand
    in the fabric of this story,

    and all will settle into the pattern:
    even the snags and tears
    and twisted bits will shift

    and the cloth will be whole,
    complete, revealing the full story,
    its errors unveiled as texture

    its shadows and its light
    no longer fighting for control,
    but offering depth and layers.

  4. De Jackson

    This is the one with all the gratitude.

    Congratulations to all who wrote like crazy. Many thanks to all who commented (you’re appreciated like crazy.) Kudos and thanks to Robert Lee Brewer, who is just crazy – about us, apparently. This has got to be a huge labor of love. Know that you’re loved right back.

    Until next Wednesday,

  5. De Jackson

    One More Time for the People in the Back
    {a remix}

    The moon’s in a mood,
    (imagine her wild, midnight

    shaky-swoon-spooned over
    sturdy skinned knees,
    driven breeze.

    This is her
    hour of burning hunger,
    quiet storm. She’s ivory sea,
    and I can’t quiet see
    her center.

    Praise these tiny voices
    of the sky, these hellion
    (loves me, loves me
    tied toxic
    to the con
    -fines of a morning’s
    flush, the blush of sun.

    Simon says we’re broken:
    unspoken brave against
    this fractured loud. Rub
    -bled forgiveness, in be
    -tween. We’ve seen
    hints of silence. We’ve held
    the tiny findings of our hearts
    to long lost phrase. We’ve raised
    our just-us league of sorrows,
    swallowed deep. We’ve
    begged your pardon, trust;
    hardened tired veins.
    Forced our scars into a sembled story.



  6. Uma

    One More Mistake

    Sits poised on the heap
    waiting for obliteration
    Making it was not a mistake
    failing to learn from it
    was another story
    for another pile

    I could blame you
    for lighting the spark
    Perhaps I was ready to burn
    Though you told me not to look
    for my happily-ever-after in you
    I hoped for love, or even like,
    in the happily-for-now

    But you had neither to give
    for I was just a tool
    to fulfil your fantasises
    and what looked pure
    in the mellow evening glow
    showed up as sordid folly
    in the stark light of shame

    So I hide from the mirror
    for I know I will despise
    the ache I see there
    And the latest gaffe lands
    on a putrid pile of fatal flaws
    pining a cleansing flame
    to purge the pain

  7. lsteadly

    One more thing…. I just wanted to thank you, Robert, for another wondrous month of writing with this special community of poets. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am that you make this challenge possible and keep us all going. I also wish I could spend time commenting on everyone’s work – I am moved by so many of the heartfelt pieces that are shared here and feel I have come to know so many of you. Thank you to all of you and to those who do take the extra time to express their delight in what they find in this space. Its an honor to be writing amongst you all.

  8. lsteadly

    One More Minute

    One more minute and I may know what to say, but probably not. I know that I don’t know how to ease the pain of knowing. That we are destructive. Give me one more minute to collect myself before bearing the bad news of another extinction. Another ice sheet calving. Another minute to stand unbent before the disappearing. One more minute to stand against the deniers of this undoing. One more to close my eyes to make a wish. How many wishes can I make in one minute? What is a minute worth? Multiply by sixty then witness the final hour.

  9. writinglife16


    3-One more prayer
    4-up to the heavens.
    5-and ricocheting through her body
    9-shattering bones and tissue
    turning blood into fire
    2-that burned
    6-like hot grease on a stove
    3-the smoke seeping
    5-into all of her cells.
    8-Her mind focused on the act of survival
    9-Her attacker would not win,
    she owned her soul.

  10. LeeAnne Ellyett

    One more word,
    one more thought,
    one more poem,
    why not…

    One last word,
    one final farewell,
    one closing poem,
    to wish you all well.

    Thanks to Robert, this amazing and talented community of writers, so much inspiration and support. Another great Challenge. Cheers!!!

  11. tunesmiff

    G. Smith (BMI)
    Saturday morning,
    Honey-Do day;
    Run to the store,
    And stop on my way,
    Pick up the cleaning,
    Drop off the mail;
    It’s always only one more thing,
    It happens without fail.

    It’s just one more thing,
    On my list of things to do;
    One more thing,
    But while I’m at it, make it two.
    One more thing,
    On my list of things to do,
    One more thing,
    That I’ll gladly do for you.

    A leak in the kitchen,
    The yard needs to be mowed;
    Would I wash the car?
    A hint means I’ve been told.
    The dishes need doing,
    The dogs haven’t been fed;
    And before turning in,
    Could I make up the bed?

    It’s just one more thing,
    On the list that never ends;
    One more thing,
    Before the next list begins.
    One more thing,
    On my list of things to do,
    One more thing,
    That I’ll gladly do for you.
    One more thing,
    That I’ll gladly do for you.

    And I head into work
    When Monday rolls ’round,
    And in the middle of my desk,
    Guess what I just found;

    One more thing,
    On my list of things to do,
    Meanwhile while I’m at it,
    Could I make it two?
    One more thing,
    On my list of things to do,
    One more thing,
    Then I’m on my way to you.
    One more thing,
    And I’m homeward bound to you.

  12. Linda Rhinehart Neas

    Dear Poet Friends,
    Just a quick note to thank you all for sharing yourself with us all. I have so enjoyed this PAD. Reading your work has been a highlight to my “quiet time.” Often, I am not able to comment, as I would like, but please know that your work is appreciated, seen and enjoyed. Often what you have written seemed to be just the think I needed to read in the middle of a very trying day. Sometimes it was the out loud laugh that needed to shatter the gloomy shell of too much stress that descends when we spread ourselves too thin. ALWAYS, what I read touched my heart in some ways – you have left me speechless (Quite the feat as anyone who knows me will tell you!) given me cause to pause and think and brought me such delight.
    Keep poeming, my friends! Until next time! Blessings…Linda

  13. Sara McNulty

    One More Loved One Gone

    We thought the god of electronics
    plotted tirelessly to halt work
    whenever she snow-birded. It was demonic.
    Hushed in closets, they eagerly lurked.

    Is it bowling, Mah Jong or aerobics day?
    Her calendar is filled with bookings.
    Where are her tickets to the ballet?
    In her overstuffed bag, she’ll be looking.

    Once told a waitress he was her boy-toy.
    Her nephew, embarrassed, began to blush.
    She told a lost couple, with enjoyment,
    how she fights with her GPS gal, a lush.

    Shining light in our lives has diminished.
    We are benumbed to truth that she has gone,
    this smart, vivid woman. We relinquish
    her reluctantly. In peace, look in on us.

  14. Earl Parsons

    Inspired by the prompt on Poetic Bloomings 2:

    One More Sunrise

    What right do I have to ask for one more?
    What right, indeed, to assume special status?
    Have I earned another day?
    Another sunrise?
    Another sunset?
    Are my sunrises and sunsets numbered?

    Are yours?

    Time will tell

    © 2018 Earl Parsons

  15. MET

    One More Rainforest

    We fuss about
    Climate change,
    Plastic straws, and
    Plastic bags, but
    While we do
    We look the other way
    For we need teak furniture
    And palm tree oil, don’t we?
    But what if while
    We are looking at the trees,
    We don’t see the forest.

    Today a child born
    Will know of only half
    The rainforests
    By the age of twenty-five,
    But before they are sixty
    They will see
    One last rainforest
    For what is a tree,
    But a renewable resource.
    It takes decades
    To rebuild a forest-
    We may not have that time.

    Those trees cut down,
    One and a half acres a second,
    Before they died
    Collected and used
    Carbon dioxide, and
    Gave to us oxygen…
    Now the carbon dioxide
    Floats in the air around us.
    Before they died, they gave
    Us oxygen, but now
    That they are rotting
    They use the oxygen they once gave.
    Is the cost of teak furniture, and
    Palm tree oil worth the price in the end?

    These trees filter water
    And lower the temperature.
    They are also home
    To many plants that cure
    Deadly diseases, and
    Half the population
    Of orangutans is lost
    For their home is no more.
    Is the cost of palm tree oil
    For its use in our treats
    Worth the cost of orangutans and us?

    I have no real answers.
    I really wish I did, but
    Maybe while we
    Make laws against
    Plastic straws and bags,
    We need to give up more.
    I understand the people
    Who live in rainforests
    Need to make a living, but
    What about palm tree forests
    Grown to be harvested
    And save the raintree forests
    To grow wild untouched by man.

    I may not be here when
    Half these forests are gone, and
    I know I won’t be here
    When there is only
    One more rainforest, but
    What about the children
    Born this very day-
    Will they be struggling
    For oxygen
    Like a fish out of water
    When that last rainforest is gone?

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    November 30, 2018

  16. trishwrites

    It’s only fitting that I close out my family theme with a poem for my grandmother. Thank you Robert for a great month.

    One more at the table

    The old mahogany table
    It was like it grew legs
    Always room for one
    more chair squeezed in
    The littlest ones
    at the end
    Everyone tallking
    over one another
    Nanny’s savoury sauce
    simmering filled
    the house even as I
    pulled the screen door
    I’d been waiting all
    day for that platter to be
    set in the middle of the table

  17. tunesmiff

    G. Smith
    After the shower, time to shave;
    One more pass of the razor,
    Consider if the mustache: lose or save?
    After the shower, time to shave.
    Drag out of bed, climb out of the grave;
    Tough to do for a late-night stargazer.
    After the shower, time to shave;
    One more pass of the razor.

  18. PKP

    One More Step

    in a multiple of thousands
    there’s a blister on your
    heel where the too big
    flip-flop slaps as you
    toddle next to me –
    your face red and
    eyes too bright
    I know you want
    me to lift you in
    my arms already
    filled with your
    baby sister
    One more step
    my sweet nina
    and another
    and another
    until we reach
    the place with-
    out walls
    where we
    will stop
    safe and


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