2016 Poet’s Market Is Here!

While I don’t have a copy on my desk just yet, the 2016 Poet’s Market should be launching any day now. It’s the 29th annual edition, and my 7th go-round with the book. Order your copy today!

Poet's Market 2016

Poet’s Market 2016

The 2016 Poet’s Market is the latest and greatest edition. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Updated poetry publishing opportunities. The main benefit of Poet’s Market has always been the hundreds of poetry-specific listings for book & chapbook publishers, magazines & journals, contests & awards, grants, and more!
  • Business of poetry articles. Every year, Poet’s Market includes articles on the business of poetry. This year’s articles include pieces on organization, habits of highly productive poets, and more!
  • Promotion of poetry articles. As with business articles, Poet’s Market also includes articles focused on helping poets gain more readers. This year’s offerings include articles on how to take poetry to new audiences, poetry on stage, and more!
  • Craft of poetry articles. And since the poem is always the most important part of getting poetry published, Poet’s Market also includes craft articles. This year’s articles include a schematic for sculpting language, pieces on polishing and freshening poetry, and more!
  • Creating and Re-creating Your Poetry for Publication webinar. For this webinar, I’ve combined two of my more popular poetry sessions (for live events) into one session that runs just a tad over an hour to help poets through the publication process from creation to revision to submitting their work. This webinar alone is usually more than three times the price of the book.
  • Subscription to the poetry-related listings on WritersMarket.com. Each book comes with an activation code that can be used to sign up for a one-year subscription to the poetry-related information on WritersMarket.com, a database of listings that is updated throughout the year.

The Poet’s Market retails at $29.99, which is kind of a great deal for all this information packed into one place anyway. But the Writer’s Digest online shop currently has the book at a discounted price of $20.99–or 30% off the retail price. That’s like a deal on top of a deal, right?!?

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3 thoughts on “2016 Poet’s Market Is Here!

  1. GetEssay

    I hope that such type of events will occur regularly. Not many people are interested in poetry nowadays, unfortunately. Thus, it is important to popularize it and to show how interesting and amazing it can be.


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