2015 Poet’s Market: What It Is and How to Buy It

When I started writing poetry more than 20 years ago, I didn’t have ambitions of publication or poetic greatness, but I did have a target audience: originally, a girl to impress. Later on, I became my own target audience. Eventually, I yearned to share my words with others and had no idea how to do it. Plus, I had no comprehension of what contemporary poets and poetry meant.

2015 Poet's Market

2015 Poet’s Market

Trying to demystify and enlighten the poetic process has been one of my goals with this blog, but it’s also a driving force behind my editorial strategy with the Poet’s Market. While the book lists hundreds of poetry publishing opportunities, the 2015 Poet’s Market is more than a straight directory; it’s a guidebook to the poetry universe as it stands today.

The 2015 Poet’s Market includes more than 20 articles, including “The Habits of Highly Productive Poets,” by Scott Owens; “Six Ways to Promote Your New Book,” by Jeannine Hall Gailey; “The Usefulness of Silence,” by Susan Laughter Meyers; “Writing Poems From Prompts,” by Amorak Huey; and more!

The 2015 Poet’s Market includes a description of poetic forms, interviews with poets, and new poems by contemporary poets.

The 2015 Poet’s Market includes listings for magazines and journals, book and chapbook publishers, contests and awards, grants, conferences and workshops, and organizations.

The 2015 Poet’s Market includes a webinar on how to build an audience for your poetry.

The 2015 Poet’s Market includes an activation code good for a one-year subscription to the poetry slice of WritersMarket.com.

The 2015 Poet’s Market is essentially what I could’ve really used 20 years ago when I was still trying to stumble my way into connecting with other poets and readers of poetry. And it’s made to be a practical resource for today’s poets who want to feel connected to the world of poetry and get their own poetry published and be part of the poetry world themselves.

Click here to order your copy of the 2015 Poet’s Market today!

-Robert Lee Brewer, editor of Poet’s Market

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