2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 4

The April PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge is designed to help poets do one thing and one thing only: Write more poems! The process of revision may go on for weeks, months, and years later, but this challenge is all about getting that first draft. Please poem along with us–either in the comments below or silently at home.

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Hold That (Blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and write the poem. Possible titles include “Hold That Thought,” “Hold That Space,” “Hold That Poem,” or whatever else holds your attention.

Here’s my attempt at a Hold That poem:

“hold that door”

that broken door
that ache for more

hold it open against the night
peel back the layers of electric light

eternal slight of adoration
muttering loss of imagination

hold that door against the brain
throw open windows for the rain


Workshop Your Poetry!

Writing poetry is exciting, but the hard work of poeming is working through the revision process. The best way to work through this process is to workshop the poems with other poets, and that can be done with the Writer’s Digest 6-week course, Advanced Poetry Writing.


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365 thoughts on “2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 4

  1. AvatarJuanita Lewison-Snyder

    hold that girl
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    you just gotta hold that girl
    let her cry
    shoo away frustrations like
    thirsty ponies at a bad waterhole
    twisting, shying ‘gainst the rope

    but it’s ok, it’s alright
    just what happens … when girls cry.

    feel the fists pound your chest
    steel yourself against the rest
    hold her til the heartbreak goes
    listen as her breathing slows
    wait until the last tear falls
    promise it’s for the long haul.

    but it’s ok, it’s alright
    cuz that’s what happens … when girls cry.

    © 2013 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  2. AvatarMarjory MT

    Day 4 – HOLD THAT END

    will you
    hold that end?

    cannot do
    this all alone.

    arm’s too
    short and weak.

    job’s undone
    without your help.

    can, together
    make the difference.

  3. Avatarstepstep


    Hold that mirror
    Dig deep.
    Do you see the truth?
    Nothing but the pure truth.

    Hold that mirror
    Look past the facade,
    Break down the barriers
    Which create false structures.

    Hold that mirror
    Block out the fear
    Don’t hold back,
    Release all baggage of previous years
    Buried in a lifetime of tears.


  4. Avatarbookworm0341

    “Hold That Look”

    You are my dream catcher
    all of my nightmares vanish when
    I think of you.

    From your morning hair
    to looking all handsome in
    a white dress shirt and black pants.

    My favorite part about you?
    The way you look from the inside out
    when you are thinking, pondering, learning.

    That is sexiest of all,
    so please,
    hold that look.

  5. AvatarSally Jadlow

    Hold that Thought

    That flits through your head.
    Turn it over.
    Taste it.
    Savor its flavor.
    Feast your eyes on its depths.
    Listen for its ring of truth.
    Feel for rough places.
    Adopt the noble ones.
    Discard the others.

  6. AvatarSharon


    Hold that happiness!
    Hard won in this chaotic world
    Filled with

    Hold that happiness!
    Joyfully attained through
    Moments infused with

    Hold that happiness!
    No one can take it unless you let them
    It is yours to

    Hold that happiness.

  7. AvatarLynn Burton

    Hold That Door

    While I wage war
    on this cracked concrete
    of my resolve.

    Hold it open

    I’ll step in
    to gauge the distance
    before we fall.

    Hold on tight

    So that we might
    not trip over our
    own defenses.

    And these two hearts
    clinging to hinges.

  8. AvatarMel Lewis

    I takes me three days to write a poem – PAD is a heck of a challenge. The following feels more like the start of a longer poem, but this is what I have so far.

    In the Holding of Children

    In the holding of children
    there is great pain
    that comes with the letting go.

  9. AvatarGlory

    Hold that smile, the look in your eyes
    as you bend forward, ever closer
    to my waiting lips.
    Hold that kiss, warm, sweet,
    to linger near my cheek, as I . . .anticipate
    your waiting lips.

  10. Avatartunesmiff


    Hold that girl,
    Her heart’s broken.
    Empty words
    Can go unspoken.

    Hold that girl,
    Just hold her hand;
    Let her cry,
    She’ll understand.

    Hold that girl,
    With all your might;
    Love her through,
    Her darkest night.

    Hold that girl,
    Close to the vest;
    Give her peace,
    And let her rest.

    Hold that girl,
    Don’t let her fall;
    She’ll know she’s
    Your all in all.

    Hold that girl,
    But play it smart:
    Set her free
    To hold your heart.

  11. AvatarMargot Suydam

    Frank Exchange of Views

    Hold that tongue
    ruby red and yet
    to be pierced, yet

    to be explored
    all that we have
    not spoken

    and should have
    when the laundry
    room was burning

    the carpet stained
    with cat spray.
    We waited too

    long for solid
    food to fill us
    or maybe

    there were just
    not enough words
    to keep the putrid

    pink tinged paint
    from peeling back
    to reveal our sadness.

  12. Avatark weber

    Hold that tongue after a breath

    Bite it. Don’t let the words
    fall through the gaps
    in your teeth. Just
    breathe and eat every
    syllable like alphabet
    soup. If you erupt
    then all that sour
    air will haunt you
    like the garbage you can
    smell but never find. Wish
    this away. Think about
    a smile or a drum or your
    face as someone’s wish. Deep
    breaths. Hold and fold
    and let the ache pass. The trees
    have branches that swim
    through the wind in winter. This
    is how we should strive to present
    ourselves; grasping at a breeze
    and tangling our wet mouths
    together as rain and leaves
    before there is a mess
    on the ground.

    – k weber

  13. Avatardrwasy


    For an instant
    do not breathe: find
    the pause at the top
    of the inhale, the trembling
    golden space
    of nothing.

    This is the moment
    that matters; not the last,
    not the next.

    This is only time you can count
    on life.

  14. AvatarJezzie

    Hold that moment

    Hold that magic moment in your heart,
    that feeling you both felt at the start.
    Never let troubles tear you apart.
    Hold that moment through every strife,
    that time when you became man and wife.
    Hold that short moment for all your life.

  15. Avatarfinallyhereiam

    Hold that Hope

    With every nay it wilts a cinch
    With every aye, it leaps sky high
    It oscillates from high to low, with every smile, frown or tilt of brow;
    Potent, weak, and mad it is,
    Flickers one moment, then nearly ceases to exist;
    Hold it high, and hold it strong
    It will keep you going for long
    It will throw in temporary bouts of doubt
    That is when you will hear yourself shout
    Fret not, and don’t let it go
    Don’t throw it, out of that window yet
    For a little good may come of it- a little bit like placing your bet

  16. AvatarNadienne

    hold that moly
    roly poly

    ringing dingers
    filching fingers

    moribund in cumberbund
    and another boring mug

    and another flighty band
    anodized and anodee

    ratchet pleather
    comet weather

    let’s not here, not kewpie
    very sorry, prince sleepy

  17. Avatarvsbryant1

    Hold That Heart

    Hold that heart, which longs to be loved
    The one that has been broken many times before
    Hold that heart, the calls you their
    The one that took a chance, the one that took your hand
    Hold that heart, the one that is so very fragile
    The one that is still scared and frighten, but smiles because of you
    Hold that heart, the one you call your own
    The one that loves you, the one you love, the one that is now apart of you, the one you now call home.

  18. AvatarEleanore D. Trupkiewicz

    Hold That Kiss

    Please, give me some
    credit. Don’t ever come

    home and immediately
    move to shower. See,

    I already know what
    you’ve been doing, but

    I choose to play innocent,
    even when you went

    where you said—I thought
    —you wouldn’t. I bought

    in, and I’m the fool.
    So here’s my new rule.

    Don’t ever bring me this:
    your tainted lips in a kiss.

  19. Avatarfinallyhereiam

    Hold that Hope
    With every nay it wilts a cinch
    With every aye, it leaps sky high
    It oscillates from high to low, with every smile, frown or tilt of brow;
    Potent, weak, and mad it is,
    Flickers one moment, then nearly ceases to exist;
    Hold it high, and hold it strong
    It will keep you going for long
    It will throw in temporary bouts of doubt
    That is when you will hear yourself shout
    Fret not, and don’t let it go
    Don’t throw it, out of that window yet
    For a little good may come of it- a little bit like placing your bet

  20. AvatarLouiseBilborough

    Hold that thought

    You say, “hold that thought.”
    And I try, I do.

    But my mind is not as strong
    As it used to be

    It wraps around and around
    Trying to squeeze that idea, those words
    Into its fist.
    Don’t let go!

    But my thoughts are like water now
    And I could just as easily
    Hold back the tide
    As remember what it was
    I wanted to say

  21. Avatarhohlwein

    Hold that question

    Someday it will be the question;

    – Is beauty enough?

    Someday you’ll find yourself

    Looking at that porch

    Without anyone who remembers even a bit

    of what you remember

    What the ringing phone meant

    How smooth was the litho stone

    What you sound like, crying

    Someday you will find yourself without anyone

    who remembers you


    Dancing in your mother’s shoes

    Growing through versions of yourself

    Then standing by the roses

    All of your life you have said it is enough

    All of your life

    You have said it is all the proof you need

    It is all that you need

    – indivisible, inexhaustible, infinite


    But will you care

    When you are orphaned

    Under the brilliant blue sky

    And the multiverse has swallowed

    more light, more,

    And the other

    half of your heart

  22. AvatarSidraQ

    Hold that shape…

    You know the one
    where you’ve turned
    into yourself
    a barrier
    against a strong wind,
    harsh word, your own
    internal critique.

  23. Avatarburrhead

    Hold that note
    Vibrations flowing down
    Around the mossy rocks and ferns
    Soaking in like duff

    Staccato drips
    Along the verdant gantron green
    With feeling
    Expanding swelling circles of molten joy

    Highly reflective
    Hold that note
    Until pressures equalize
    Through our articulating bones

    Nerve pathways inside the spine
    Interlacing fungal mycelium
    Water rings

    Hold that note
    Deep thinking
    In this shallow pool



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