How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy

Expert advice on the art and craft of writing science fiction and fantasy
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How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy
by Orson Scott Card
Writer's Digest Books, 2005
ISBN 1-58297-103-X
$12.99 paperback, 144 pages

About the Book
You’ve always dreamed of writing science fiction and fantasy—tales that pull readers into extraordinary new worlds and fantastic conflicts. Best-selling author Orson Scott Card shows you how it’s done, distilling years of writing experience and publishing success into concise, no-nonsense advice. You’ll learn how to:

  • utilize story elements that define the science fiction and fantasy genres
  • build, populate, and dramatize a credible, inviting world your readers will want to explore
  • develop the “rules” of time, space and magic that affect your world and its inhabitants
  • construct a compelling story by developing ideas, characters, and events that keep readers turning pages
  • find the markets for speculative fiction, reach them, and get published
  • submit queries, write cover letters, find an agent, and live the life of a writer

The boundaries of your imagination are infinite. Explore them with Orson Scott Card and create fiction that casts a spell over agents, publishers, and readers from every world.

More About the Book
“A must for science fiction writers at any stage of their career.”
Chicago Sun Times

“Wit, balance and insight are uniformly present, and the result is a singular, indispensable book for the aspiring science fiction writer.”

About the Author
Orson Scott Card is one of the science fiction and fantasy genre’s biggest names. He won both the Hugo and the Nebula science fiction awards for best novel for two consecutive years—something no other writer has ever done. In addition, he was the first writer ever to win a Nebula and a Hugo for a book and its sequel—Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead. Orson Scott Card lives in North Carolina.